Comparing Staffing Options: Full-Time Employment vs. Contract

Contractors are more expensive than full-time staffers… or are they? When deciding whether to bring in either a contract worker or FTE (full-time equivalent), focus on...

Position Request Form

Identifying the need to hire is one thing. Actually getting permission to hire is a different matter. Use this template to document key information about the position in...

Recruiting Calendar Template

Keep yourself on track in terms of where you are in the recruiting process, what still needs to be done, and whether you are ahead or behind schedule.

Salary Administration Guidelines

Salary administration guidelines that contains general information affecting the management of employee compensation is a fundamental tool in any organization.

Structure the Interview

Effective interviews are essential in determining a candidate’s skills and personality match for the job in question. The purpose of this tool is to provide you with a...

Total Compensation Worksheet

Use this tool to determine the total compensation of your staff.

Service Desk Executive Presentation

Improving service desk processes requires the cooperation of key stakeholders. Use the executive presentation to provide an overview of the project, its objectives, and...

Service Desk Action Plan Roadmap

Use this roadmap to identify and prioritize tasks that you need to complete as you work to improve your service desk.

Service Desk Ticket Classification and Dashboard Tool

This tool is designed to help you classify and analyze closed service desk tickets. Use the information to analyze your classification scheme and make the case for a...

Service Desk Software and RFP Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to evaluate and compare the results of an RFP process quickly and easily.
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