Review and Improve Your IT Policy Library – Phases 1-3

Organizations need to be proactive in identifying how business changes and new technologies will impact their business in order to successfully manage policies. They need...

Review and Improve Your IT Policy Library – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out how to write better policies that mitigate the risks you care about and get the business to follow them, review Info-Tech’s...

Review and Improve Your IT Policy Library – Phase 1: Assess

This phase of the blueprint, Assess, will help you assess your risk landscape and design a plan to update your policy network based on your most critical risks.

Review and Improve Your IT Policy Library – Phase 2: Draft and Implement

This phase of the blueprint, Draft & Implement, will help you use input from key stakeholders to write clear, consistent, and concise policies that people will actually...

Review and Improve Your IT Policy Library – Phase 3: Monitor, Enforce, Revise

This phase of the blueprint, Monitor, Enforce, Revise, will help you use your policies to create a compliance culture in your organization, set KPIs, and track policy...

Policy Management RACI Chart Template

Use the RACI chart in this tool to establish the roles responsible for tasks within your policy management function.

10 Days of Policies

Manage your IT processes and procedures effectively by leveraging Info-Tech’s research on IT policy management and implementation. Each of these ten policy pieces...

Policy Management Tool

Info-Tech's Policy Management Tool is designed to help you quickly identify the key risks your organization faces, map them to a policy, and identify gaps and...

Policy Action Plan

This template helps you consolidate and assign responsibility for the action items that need to be completed to update your policy network.

Policy Communication Plan Template

This template helps you plan your approach for publishing and communicating your policy updates across the entire organization.
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