Enterprise Architecture

Build a Next Generation BI with a Game-Changing BI Strategy – Phase 2: Evaluate the Current BI Practice

This phase of the blueprint will guide you through conducting a BI practice assessment to determine the BI maturity level as well as detailed assessments for the BI...

Data Quality Practice Assessment and Project Planning Tool

Use this tool to perform a detailed assessment of your organization's data quality practice capabilities and identify gaps that will direct your overall data quality...

Build an IT Risk Management Program – Phases 1-3

Risk is an unavoidable part of IT. And what you don't know, CAN hurt you. The question is, do you tackle risk head-on or leave it to chance? Get a handle on risk...

Enhance Your Application Architecture – Phase 2: Assess Current Application Architecture

This phase of the blueprint, Enhance Your Application Architecture, will help you assess your current architecture.

Build a Strategic IT Workforce Plan – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to discover how Info-Tech can help you build a strategic workforce plan for IT.

Google Stocks Ammunition in the War Against Deepfakes

Google continues to be an ally in the war against deepfake deception, releasing a large dataset of video deepfakes that it has produced with the intent of helping...

Document Your Business Architecture – Phases 1-3

Business architecture is a set of planning techniques that connect strategy to execution in a manner that is accurate and traceable and promotes the efficient use of...

Create an IT Sourcing Strategy – Phase 1: Determine Mandate and Scope

Identify the need for and use of the sourcing strategy. Determine a realistic and relevant scope.

Create a Right-Sized Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework – Phase 1: Current State of EA Governance

Identify the organization’s standing in terms of the enterprise architecture practice; know the gaps and what the EA practice needs to fulfill to create a good governance...

Create a Right-Sized Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework – Phase 6: Architectural Standards

Define architecture standards to facilitate information exchange, improve collaboration, and provide stability. Develop a process to update the architectural standards to...
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