Enterprise Architecture

Build a Next Generation BI with a Game-Changing BI Strategy – Phase 2: Evaluate the Current BI Practice

This phase of the blueprint will guide you through conducting a BI practice assessment to determine the BI maturity level as well as detailed assessments for the BI...

Data Quality Practice Assessment and Project Planning Tool

Use this tool to perform a detailed assessment of your organization's data quality practice capabilities and identify gaps that will direct your overall data quality...

Internal Controls Self-Assessment Checklist

Self-assessments of the system of internal control should be aligned with the risk assessment process and completed at least annually or upon any major change to the...

Survive an Impending Audit

A failed audit can result in punitive fines and injunctions that disrupt continuing operations until violations are resolved. These highly visible failures are best...
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TechSee Unveils World’s First AI-Powered Visual Recognition

TechSee has released the world’s first AI-powered visual recognition for contact centers, which identifies and detects problems with a product model via images submitted...

Build a Strategic Workforce Plan – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to discover how Info-Tech can help you build a strategic workforce plan for IT.

Bridge IT and the Business With Business Architecture – Phases 1-3

Business architecture is a set of planning techniques that connect strategy to execution in a manner that is accurate and traceable and promotes the efficient use of...

EA Communication Plan Template

Develop an EA Communication Plan to structure the communication aimed at “selling” EA stakeholders on EA.

Select an EA Tool Based on Business and User Need – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you select an EA tool based on the needs of relevant EA tool stakeholders.

Align Infrastructure Architecture to Business Value – Phase 2: Prioritize Gaps and Identify Solution Options

This phase of the blueprint, Prioritize Gaps and Identify Solution Options, will help you identify the source of deficiencies by looking at individual components, flows,...
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