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Anzo Enables Data Management and Analytics Across Structured and Unstructured Data

Cambridge Semantics enhanced its Anzo platform to enable data management and analytics over both structured and unstructured data, the firm announced in an August 22...

Comply With the California Consumer Privacy Act – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why it is critical to prepare for CCPA now.

Get Started With AI – Phase 2: Learn From Your Peers and Give Your AI a Purpose

This phase of the blueprint, Get Started With AI, will help you learn what others in your industry are doing and define what to do in your organization to create the most...

Get Started With AI – Phase 3: Select Your First AI PoC

This phase of the blueprint, Get Started With AI, will help you brainstorm ideas for your AI initiative, select your first AI PoC, project and create an MVBC for it.

Google’s AI System Spots Breast Cancer More Accurately Than Radiologists

The AI system developed by Google Health more accurately identifies breast cancer than human experts, reports The Guardian (and others). The system has been tested in the...

Dell Boomi Introduces Chatbots With its New AI Bot Framework

There are many data integration vendors, but very few have managed to provide a comprehensive suite of features to meet integration needs. Dell Boomi is one of the...

Monetize Your Data With the Snowflake Platform

Snowflake has announced a new data exchange allowing businesses to generate new revenue.

Moderate Market Growth Projection for Managed File Transfer (MFT) May Signal Its Technological Maturity, but It’s at Odds With Exponential Growth of Data

​Many market research firms project that the market for Managed File Transfer (MFT) will grow between 7-10% in the next five years (expressed in compound annual growth...

The End of Hadoop and Cloudera?

Several discussion threads on LinkedIn and other social media have been dedicated to the status of Apache Hadoop and the merged Cloudera/Hortonworks. Many predict their...

CognitiveScale Wins Global AI Award for Responsible AI and Ethics

CognitiveScale’s Cortex Certifai product has been named the winner of the Responsible AI and Ethics award in the Global AI Awards 2019-2020. Cortex Certifai is the...
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