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Mitigate Machine Bias – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you to learn about machine (AI) biases and why and how to mitigate them.

Data Warehouse Service Level Agreement

A data warehouse is the central place to provision data to analytics and business users. Use this Agile Data Warehouse Service Level Agreement (SLA) template to...

Microsoft Azure Synapse Starts Performance Benchmark Race With Amazon RedShift and Google BigQuery

Microsoft claims its newly announced Azure Synapse Analytics service is four times faster than Amazon Redshift and 75 times faster than Google BigQuery. This announcement...

Build a Robust and Comprehensive Data Strategy – Phases 1-3

Use this blueprint to build a comprehensive strategy for effectively unlocking the value of your organization’s data assets. Formulate a data strategy that aligns with...

Data Warehouse Modernization Technology Architectural Template

Use these sample architecture diagrams to develop the future state of your data warehouse architecture based on what technology will support business needs.

Data Warehouse Modernization Deployment Plan

Use this template to summarize the outputs of the blueprint activities and present a modernization roadmap with the associated benefits.

UK Doctors Are Exploring Machine Learning to Predict Alzheimer’s From Retinal Scans

Doctors at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London have built a data set that links patient retinal scans with nationally held data about people with Alzheimer’s. They plan...

Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program – Phase 1: Establish the Information Lifecycle Management Foundation

This phase of the blueprint, Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program, will help you create the core components that guide the rest of your ILM...

Databricks Is Investing 100 Million Euros in Its European Development Center

Databricks, a data processing and analytics platform with a strong focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), is investing 100 million euros (US$111...

Balancing Data Governance and Privacy in the Face of a Pandemic Response

In the drive to find ways to save lives, improve allocation of overstretched resources, and understand and ultimately curb the spread, data minds are ticking as to how...
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