Select Your Generative AI Vendor

The generative AI marketplace is constantly evolving with the development of new algorithms, structures and frameworks and emergence of new and commercial AI players. The...

Generative AI Vendor Selection Criteria Workbook

Use this tool to document the key factors to consider in the scoring and comparison of prospective vendors and tools. It also contains a canvas to identify the problems,...

Data & Analytics Skills Assessment and Planning Tool

Use this tool to help you identify the current and required level of competency for data & analytics skills, analyze gaps, and create an actionable plan.

Identify and Build the Data & Analytics Skills Your Organization Needs Storyboard

Use this deck to assist you in identifying and building roles and skills that are aligned with your organization’s data strategy.

Identify and Build the Data & Analytics Skills Your Organization Needs

The demand for data expertise has grown. It is critical for organizations to identify the skill and talent makeup of their data and analytics workforce. By recognizing...

AI Strategy and Discovery Presentation Template

Use this template to develop an IT-led, business-aligned AI strategy for your organization.

Navigating Exponential Technology Leadership and Current Events in the Canadian Public Sector – Summer 2023

Housing shortages! Reinventing the RCMP! Budget shortages! Forest fires! The headlines seem to swing from one crisis to the next and back again these days, and our...

Design Your AI Target Operating Model

Use this research to design the AI capabilities, roles, and operating model that will support your AI strategy and roadmap.
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Data Governance Roles Accelerator Kit

This deck provides the clear functions for different roles in data governance.

Establish Effective Data Stewardship – Phases 1-3

Research that provides a step-by-step approach to aid in the successful establishment of a data steward role.
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