Data Basics

A sample video deck included to support data leaders in uplifting a data literacy program and make complex data topics realistic and easy to learn.

Data Literacy Learning Outcomes Library

A summary of all significant learning outcomes in terms of what the personas need to know about of the essential data disciplines.

Promote Data Literacy in Your Organization – Phases 1-3

A step-by-step document to help organizations build an effective and measurable data literacy program that benefits all employees who interact with data.

Build a Scalable Data Platform Research Center Capstone

Scale the data platform appropriately with increased confidence to get quick wins and long-term benefits.

Govern the Use of AI Responsibly With a Fit-for-Purpose Structure – Phases 1-4

A step-by-step document that walks you through how to implement a governance structure for AI for the long term.

AI Governance and Risk Presentation

A best-of-breed template to help you build a clear, concise and compelling document outlining your AI governance strategy.

Govern the Use of AI Responsibly With a Fit-for-Purpose Structure

As pressure mounts to introduce AI technologies into your organization, how is as important as what. Understand what it will take to introduce a level of governance to...

AI Governance Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool will allow you to conduct a structured review of your current and target risk governance capabilities.

Enterprise AI Governance Committee Charter Example

This example document will help you get started when defining your Enterprise AI Governance Committee Charter.

AI Risk Assessment Tool

This support tool will help you structure a risk assessment for all of your potential AI risks.
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