Data Architecture Decision Template

A template to help you manage the changes that accompany major architectural decisions.

Build a Data Architecture Roadmap – Phases 1-3

A step-by-step document that walks you through Info-Tech's three-phase methodology for optimizing data architecture.

Data Architecture Driver Pattern Identification Tool

A structured tool to help you recognize your business goals and how to get there.

Data Architecture Tactical Roadmap Tool

A structured tool to help you develop a tactical plan of action to optimize the organization’s data architecture.

Data Architecture Optimization Template

A template to support your team in creating a tactical strategy for optimizing your data architecture across the four tiers of the organization’s architecture.

Data Architecture Trends Presentation

A template deck to provide an overview of the more significant innovations in technology that are driving today’s advanced data architectures.

Build a Data Integration Strategy

Data is one of the most important assets in a modern enterprise. Contained within an organization’s data are representations of customers, the products, and the...
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Data Integration Trends Presentation

A tool to help you to understand many new IT technologies.

Data Integration Mapping Tool

This tool can be used to document DI mapping and allow them to be stored in a content or knowledge management system.

Build a Data Integration Strategy – Phases 1-3

A clear blueprint that provides a step-by-step approach to aid in the development of your integration.
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