BI Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool

Use this tool to identify the functional use cases that align with your business's future BI suite.

BI Vendor Shortlist & Detailed Feature Analysis Tool

Use this tool to develop your own custom shortlist. Utilize the tool's knock-out criteria and criteria weightings to identify vendors that align with your business's own...

BI Initiatives and Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to transform the BI objectives from phases 1, 2, and 3 into comprehensive improvement initiatives, assign responsibility for initiatives, and create a...

BI Score Calculator

Calculate your BI score at key milestones of your project to measure the effectiveness of your BI program.

BI Planning and Scoring Tool

Use this tool to support your business in conducting an objective evaluation of the BI vendors being considered for procurement. Consider each suite's functional...

BI Implementation Planning Tool

Once a BI or analytics platform is selected, you need to implement the platform in your servers or on the cloud. The BI Implementation Planning Tool provides a checklist...

BI Issue Assessment Tool

Use Info-Tech’s Business Intelligence Issue Assessment Tool to determine the appropriate approach in addressing BI issues.

BI Tool Strategy Assessment and Planning Tool

The BI Tool Strategy Assessment and Planning Tool is used to plan the target state BI architecture and to assess current state BI capabilities. The outputs of this tool...

BI Tool Strategy Measurement Plan

BI performance measures are quantified facts about the execution of the BI operation, which is influenced by the efficiency and effectiveness of BI tools.

Application Inventory and Quality Assessment Tool

Assess application functional and technical quality of each BI tool in the current state.
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