Enterprise BI RFP Scoring Tool

For organizations that have issued a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) using Info-Tech's BI RFP Template, gathering and scoring the various responses can be difficult and...

BI Score Calculator

Calculate your BI score at key milestones of your project to measure the effectiveness of your BI program.

BI Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool

Use this tool to identify the functional use cases that align with your business's future BI suite.

BI Planning and Scoring Tool

Use this tool to support your business in conducting an objective evaluation of the BI vendors being considered for procurement. Consider each suite's functional...

BI Vendor Shortlist & Detailed Feature Analysis Tool

Use this tool to develop your own custom shortlist. Utilize the tool's knock-out criteria and criteria weightings to identify vendors that align with your business's own...

BI Implementation Planning Tool

Once a BI or analytics platform is selected, you need to implement the platform in your servers or on the cloud. The BI Implementation Planning Tool provides a checklist...

BI User Perception Survey

A structured tool to collect and analyze BI end-user perception and satisfaction.

AI Buyer Assessment

Use this tool to help explore and define the current attitudes and positions within your organization regarding AI adoption and vendor experience.

AI Vendor Questionnaire

Use the examples in this tool to draft open-ended questions to use in investigative interviews with prospective AI vendors.

AI Software Capability Comparison Tool

This tool will support your initial research into AI vendor and software capabilities. It is intended to be used as part of Info-Tech's methodology, Build Your Enterprise...
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