People & Leadership

Difficult Conversations Self-Assessment

Use the Difficult Conversations Self-Assessment tool to understand your comfort and behaviors with difficult conversations before and after training.

Engagement Communication Template

This template contains readily customizable emails to enable you to maintain open communication with your team in every stage of your engagement program.

Key Roles Succession Planning Tool

Use this Key Roles Succession Planning Tool to document key roles, incumbents, potential successors, and associated readiness and risk points.

CIO Stakeholder Power Map Template

The stakeholder power map helps to visualize the importance of various stakeholders and your relationship with them so you can prioritize your time according to the most...

Training Evaluation: Manager Relationships

Assessing and analyzing participant feedback is critical to determine how a training session was received by learners and which areas require improvement.

EXM Focus Group Facilitation Guide

This template is a customizable presentation deck that will enable you to quickly prepare to communicate the results of your Employee Experience Monitor survey to your staff.

Candidate Communication Template

Use this template as a script for different candidate communication scenarios.

Pre-interview Guide for Interviewers

The Pre-interview Guide for Interviewers template ensures interviewers are organized and conduct consistent interviews. It provides a checklist of key activities to...

Redeployment Shortlist Template

Record the list of IT employees who can meet departmental needs through redeployment.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Internal Scorecard Handout

To create a compelling EVP and employer brand, in addition to promoting recruitment and retention, it is critical to use data from multiple stakeholders in the...
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