People & Leadership

2020 IT Talent Trend Report – Trend 3: The Age of Radical Transparency

Ethics and transparency are emerging as key considerations for employees. How can you build a culture that supports this? Read this section to learn how.

Select Strategically-Aligned Leadership Competencies

Setting leadership performance standards is a crucial first step to developing strong leaders. Boost your leadership bench strength by identifying leadership competencies...

Data Process Mapping Tool Lite

Use the Data Process Mapping Tool Lite to map out the flow of personal data. Apply your privacy framework to new and/or temporary business processes involving personal...

Build a Better Manager: People Development – Phase 2: Train Managers in Accountability

This phase of the blueprint Build a Better Manager: People Development will help you deliver practical training in performance management skills to first-time IT managers.

Your Role in the Organization Facilitation Guide

Use this customizable guide to facilitate manager training in knowing your role in the organization.

EXM Setup Guide

This guide will help you set up your Employee Experience Monitor survey and configure it for your specific team's needs.

Implement Effective Employee Development Planning – Phase 2: Select Activities for Developing Prioritized Competencies

This phase of the blueprint Implement Effective Development Planning will help you establish a set of development activities that can be undertaken by employees to...

The Essential COVID-19 Child Care Policy for Every Organization, Yesterday Storyboard

Holistic strategy to help managers and employees navigate and balance work with care-provider responsibilities.

Strategically Recruit and Retain More Women in IT – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why it is critical to take a targeted approach to recruiting and retaining top women in IT.

Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 3: Select and Implement Engagement Initiatives

This phase of the blueprint will help you implement an action plan for improving your staff's engagement.
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