IT Strategic Workforce Planning Project Plan Template

Use this template to document the key steps in building and monitoring the strategic workforce plan, including goals and objectives. It also leaves room for you to assign...

Build a Strategic Workforce Plan – Phase 3: Build and Monitor the SWP

The effort you put in place to fill workforce gaps needs to be appropriate for the benefits you hope to achieve. Fiercely prioritize your initiatives and ensure the...

IT Strategy Executive Summary Illustrative Example

This example will show you a completed IT strategy executive summary.

Design and Build a User-Facing Service Catalog – Executive Brief

Read the executive brief to understand why building a Service Catalog is a good idea, and why following our approach will help you accomplish this difficult task.

Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog – Phase 1: Launch the Project

The Launch the Project phase will walk you through completing Info-Tech's project charter template. This phase will help you build a balanced project team, create a...

Sample Enterprise Services

Define your services and their categories by using this pool of services.

Sample LOB Services – Industry Specific

This is a template of common services provided by IT organizations within certain industries. It is designed to get you thinking about other common services offered...

Sample LOB Services – Functional Group

Functional groups behave like categories for LOB services. Included here are common services performed by functional groups found in many organizations.

Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 1: Measure Employee Engagement

This phase of the blueprint will help you select the employee engagement survey that is right for you, launch the survey, and review the results.

Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 3: Select and Implement Engagement Initiatives

This phase of the blueprint will help you implement an action plan for improving your staff's engagement.
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