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(Re)Calibrate Your IT Workforce for AI

The rapid evolution of AI has created gaps between the required and available skills needed to smoothly implement and maintain AI. Combined with the pace of change, this...
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Develop an Exponential IT Roadmap

IT must adopt an Exponential IT mindset and define its own transformation journey to evolve into organization leaders in a rapidly changing technology landscape. This...
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Use ChatGPT Wisely to Improve Productivity

Despite its apparent merits, ChatGPT fails every reasonable test for reliability and trustworthiness, but it can still play a useful and vital role in research and...

Gauge Your Exponential IT Readiness

The Exponential IT Readiness Diagnostic is designed to assess the readiness of your organization to embrace and extract value from exponential technologies.

Develop a Fit-for-Purpose IT Financial Taxonomy

IT’s financial struggles are often rooted in problems with the financial data itself. This blueprint lays out the first critical steps in rehabilitating and leveraging...
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Define Your Enterprise IT and Digital Services

Don’t waste time identifying IT services by cataloging everything IT has to offer. Change your perspective! Move away from IT and start with the enterprise customer to...
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Info-Tech’s Best of 2023: The Year IT Reached an Inflection Point

Generative AI made an explosive entry at the end of 2022, changing organizations and industries – and IT – forever. Our most popular research and resources in 2023 show...

Write Better IT Job Descriptions

As new technologies and ways of working emerge, the role of IT changes. So should your job descriptions. Don’t waste time searching online for the perfect job...

Establish Your Digital Transformation Governance

A digital transformation office is a critical component of successful transformations. An effective transformation office forces a disciplined and consistent execution...

Visualize the IT Operating Model

Visualizing the IT operating model is often overlooked but is a critical step in defining how the organization will reach its vision and deliver critical objectives. It...
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