Discover Your Applications – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why application sprawl and shadow IT are causing inefficient spending and risks to IT and the business, and how application...

Transition From Project to Product Delivery – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you create a product delivery strategy that defines the capabilities and roles needed to satisfy product requirements and demands.

Create a Winning BPI Playbook – Phase 2: Discover

This phase of the blueprint will help you construct a current-state diagram for a level-3 process that is mapped start to finish and is ready for thorough analysis.

SMMP Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool

Use the Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool to understand how your unique requirements map into specific SMMP use cases.

Enable Omnichannel Commerce That Delights Your Customers – Phases 1-2

Having a well-rounded commerce strategy is essential to providing a strong customer experience. Blend traditional and e-commerce channels to allow your customers to...

Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program – Phase 1: Establish the Information Lifecycle Management Foundation

This phase of the blueprint, Embrace Information Lifecycle Management in Your ECM Program, will help you create the core components that guide the rest of your ILM...

Software Quality Assurance Plan Template

Use this template to document a comprehensive SQA plan that provides governance for how your SQA practice is executed.

Restore Trust in Your Data Using a Business-Aligned Data Quality Management Approach – Phase 4: Sustain Your Data Quality Practices

This phase, Sustain Your Data Quality Practices, will help you create a strategy for sustaining the data quality management program through incorporation into the larger...

Automate Work Faster and More Easily With Robotic Process Automation – Phases 1-2

This blueprint will help you discover robotic process automation (RPA) and evaluate your business processes for potential to automate with RPA.

ERP RFP and Demonstration Scoring Tool

Use this tool to help you evaluate and compare the results of your ERP RFP process, quickly and easily.
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