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Exponential IT Product Practice Current State Assessment Tool

This template is leveraged as part of Build Your Exponential IT Product Practice to evaluate the current state of your product practice vision, product delivery...

Crush Your Product Launch Workbook

This workbook is designed to help marketers ensure launch readiness. It should be completed after reviewing the Crush Your Product Launch blueprint.

Live Event Checklist

Ensure every task is completed at the right time.

Build, Buy, or Shut It Down Workbook

A structured product strategy workbook to help you prioritize strategy activities and build a product roadmap to ensure success.

QA Current-State Assessment Tool

This tool will help assess the current state of your QA practice in your organization and identify the gaps that should be filled to achieve your target state. This will...

Customer Satisfaction Metrics Diagnostic

Determine which customer satisfaction metrics you should really be measuring.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics Library

Find the right customer satisfaction metrics and definitions.

Sample AI Business Case Analysis

Use this completed sample of an AI business case analysis to better understand how to categorize, document, and evaluate the key components of a strong business case.

AI Use Cases

A comprehensive repository of AI use cases across the Technology and Marketing Management framework.

AI Evaluation Tool

Flesh out your AI use cases and create AI initiatives with assigned value and readiness scores. Rank and present your highest-scoring AI initiatives.
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