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Take a Holistic View to Optimize Release Management

Software delivery teams must enable the organization to react to market needs and competitive changes in order to improve the business’ bottom line. Instill the proper...
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Develop a Mature Testing Practice to Produce Better Quality Applications

IT organizations struggle to implement a properly managed test program which improves the quality of the software. This set will help you assess current test...
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Vendor Landscape: Software Testing Solutions

Mobile and cloud testing continue to mature with an emphasis on greater accuracy in testing as supported through virtualization and automation. Test results are now fed...
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Optimize the Current Testing Process for Enterprise Mobile Applications

Highly distributed mobile applications with various back-end APIs increase the complexity and need for proper testing. Test and development teams need to understand the...
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Develop a Cloud Testing Strategy for Today's Apps

Cloud testing will amplify traditional testing practices and open the door to a higher level of software testing. A formal, standardized, and documented strategy is...

Assess the Appropriateness of Automated Functional Testing

Automating functional testing can improve software quality for the right shop.
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