Application Development - Tools

Test Requirements Tool

Use this template to translate your target state testing processes for mobile into requirements for your RFP.

Automated Application Development Work Breakdown Structure Tool

Enter the details of your automated application development project tasks into this work breakdown structure (WBS) template and note of any risk that you may encounter.

Metrics Monitoring Tool

Measure the performance of your applications and tools against defined benchmarks.

Roles and Responsibilities Management Tool

Use this tool to help assess capabilities and allocate resources across application development teams, management, IT, and vendor management areas of your organization.

Scrum Burndown Tool

This tool is designed to track your points burndown after each day of your sprints.

Application Maintenance Estimation Tool

Maintenance needs are constantly evolving and IT has a hard time identifying which needs are most important. This tool can be used as a systematic approach to employing...

Release and Deployment Management Maturity Assessment Tool

This tool should be used to measure your adherence to the release and deployment management process. The results will allow you to focus improvement efforts on process...

Big Data Project Plan Tool

Your initial big data rollout is composed of three steps: assessing readiness, building your team and big data stack, and monitoring its performance. This tool will...

Secure Application Rollout Tool

This tool is designed to enable you to properly assess and manage secure application activities for your organization.

Artifact Value Model

This tool allows organizations to assess their current artifact pain points, determine a future state, and outline the impact analysis of pursuing several alternative...
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