Value Calculator

The Value Calculator tool will help you apply Info-Tech's Value Measurement Framework and generate value scores for your products and services.

Product Backlog Item Prioritization Tool

This tool allows you to define your valuation and estimation standards for epics and user stories and prioritize product backlog items.

Application Portfolio Management Maturity Diagnostic Tool

Use this tool to gauge your current maturity level in terms of visibility into your portfolio and use application portfolio management practices and tools.

Detailed Application Inventory Tool

Use this tool to translate the results of your application-capability maps into a detailed application inventory.

Product Roadmap Diagnostic Tool

This tool prompts you to consider your product and its environment and recommends the appropriate focus and attributes you should include in your roadmap.

Product Roadmapping Tool

This tool gives you the ability to represent your product artifacts, delivery teams, milestones, and other key elements in a linear roadmap.

Application Maintenance Maturity Assessment

This tool will provide you with the means to determine your organization's level of readiness to improve your maintenance practices.

Application Business Value Calculator

This tool collects your business value metrics and creates a balanced scorecards to determine your application's business value scores.

Application Portfolio Roadmap Tool

This tool produces an application portfolio roadmap and acts as the central location for all activities and information required for your application rationalization...

Condensed Application Portfolio Roadmap Tool

This tool produces an application portfolio roadmap, excluding all application rationalization activities.
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