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The key challenges
IT leaders face

Over the last decade, our members have shared the two predominant challenges holding them back



are locked in an operations & maintenance quagmire



fail to meet business goals

Info-Tech systematically helps evolve the value IT provides the business

Info-Tech’s mission is to help our members conquer their challenges by improving their core IT processes, and by actively assisting in delivering on their key projects...

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Info-Tech’s approach and philosophy makes us stand apart from traditional Technology Advisors or IT Consultants

Info-Tech provides consulting quality deliverables, with the development costs shared across the full membership. Your team builds their capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting.

improve core
processes &


Implementation assistance,
the evolution of research

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Become a Member Today

Discover how to get actionable solutions to your biggest IT challenges.

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Our Latest Research

January 30  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation

Secure IaaS and PaaS Environments

Keep your information security risks manageable when leveraging the benefits of cloud computing.

January 29  •  Engagement Strategies

Guided Implementation

Create a Dynamic Plan to Tackle HR Issues

Stop putting people management on the back burner and start getting the most out of your people.

January 29  •  Projects & Technology

Guided Implementation

Outsource Network Management

Outsource network management for optimal availability, reliability, and performance, but keep a firm hand on governance to maintain accountability and control.

January 26  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation

Develop a Resource Management Strategy for the New Reality

Reclaim project capacity with realistic resource management.

January 22  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation

Manage a Minimum-Viable PMO

Provide project managers with processes that they have the time to follow.

January 20  •  Gaming and Hospitality

Guided Implementation

Vendor Landscape: Business Intelligence for Gaming, Hospitality, and Leisure

Before you can make the right data-driven decisions, you need to select the right BI tool.

January 20  •  Projects & Technology

Guided Implementation

Optimize the Organization’s Data Integration Practices

Ensure the organization’s data accurately flows to the critical downstream IT and business processes through effective data integration.

January 19  •  Gaming and Hospitality

Vendor Landscape: CRM Suites for Gaming, Hospitality, and Leisure

Choose a CRM suite that meets your industry-specific needs for serving your guests.

January 14  •  Management & Governance

Guided Implementation

Use DevOps to Respond Faster to End Customers

Fix, deploy, and support applications quicker.

January 13  •  Projects & Technology

Guided Implementation

Perform a Data Audit

Don’t just execute an audit to identify what issues exist, probe deeper to unravel why they exist.


We find your research very valuable because you provide very practical insight and include critical details which we take into consideration when we have to make quick strategic decisions.

Daniela Crivianu Gaita
VP IMT & CIO, The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Healthcare
Sick Kids Case Study

Info-Tech’s research probably saved us somewhere in the neighbourhood of one to two months of research that we would have had to have done on our own to arrive at the same conclusions.

William Storey
IT Compliance Officer, MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.
Jasper, Indiana
Industry: Manufacturing
MasterBrand Cabinets Case Study

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