Understand Cisco's Enterprise Agreement for Software

Explore the potential benefits and savings of Cisco's transformative EA.


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There are still many unknowns about Cisco’s new software subscription model and how it works in the Enterprise License Agreement.

  • Cisco is pressuring to move to an ELA at your renewal.
  • You don’t understand the ELA structure and value.
  • You’re not sure if Cisco is presenting a fair transition to the subscription model.

Cisco is presenting customers with some compelling opportunities to move to an ELA and better manage their Cisco software.

  • The ELA can save time and costs in management, deployment, and governance.
  • Learn about Cisco’s has a growth allowance and True forward features of the ELA.
  • Leverage the value of Suites to enhance your security or collaboration experience.

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Module 1: Organize

The Purpose

Conduct an analysis of your existing agreement and renewal details.

Key Benefits Achieved

Organize your existing hardware and software positions.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Find out what you own.
  • A summary/inventory of your Cisco hardware and related software.
1.2 Collect your current Cisco agreement and renewal details.
  • A summary of your existing Cisco agreements and SmartNet commitments.
1.3 Activity: Assess your current Cisco inventory.

Module 2: Evaluate

The Purpose

Evaluate and understand the Cisco EA model.

Key Benefits Achieved

Gain an understanding of the new EA model including enrollment and support options.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Understand the new agreement structure.
  • A full understanding of the Cisco EA enrollment structure.
2.2 Review the enrollments and suites.
  • An overview of each enrollment option, as well as the plans and suites within.
2.3 To suite or not to suite?
2.4 Review minimums and potential savings over three to five years.
  • Support options

Module 3: Establish

The Purpose

Gain a thorough understanding of your requirements.

Key Benefits Achieved

Establish and understand your licensing requirements and build a roadmap for transition.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Map out your current position to the new enrollment structure.
3.2 Activity: license mapping.
3.3 Establish your basic license requirements.
3.4 Choose and map your SWSS options for each enrollment (including activity).
  • A basic roadmap of the transition from your current Cisco software to the Cisco EA model.
  • Maintenance and support choices.

Module 4: Purchase & Manage

The Purpose

Purchase and manage portal access and governance.

Key Benefits Achieved

Emerge with a clear understanding of your new EA and hit the ground running.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Understand how Cisco goes to market in the channel.
4.2 Negotiate an EA package for your current and short-term needs.
4.3 Implement management policy and governance for the Cisco EA Workspace portal.
  • A clear understanding of how the EA channel works.
  • EA management portal benefits and best practices for those using it.
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