Transition From Project to Product Delivery

Maximize product value by breaking project silos.

Onsite Workshop

The miscommunication and misunderstanding of your products and delivery capabilities lead to:

  • Unrealistic product roadmaps and commitments
  • No clear ownership of product growth and success
  • Low-level and technical product decisions that take too long to make

Standardized product families and well understood product objectives help:

  • Define the role product owners and managers play in the ownership and coordination of product initiatives.
  • Develop achievable and justified product roadmaps using insights of business priorities, delivery capabilities, and resource capacities.
  • Redefine and optimize product management and delivery capabilities to better support product and business demands.

Module 1: Define Your Product Families and Objectives

The Purpose

  • Define product families and hierarchies in your context
  • Rationalize the value of transitioning to product delivery
  • Discuss the business and technical product requirements

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Recognize the value your products bring to your organization and how decisions impact business priorities

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Build the case for your strategy.
  • Product definition and case to transition to product delivery
1.2 Define your product families.
  • Product families and their value to your organization
1.3 List the objectives of your products.
  • Business and technical objectives that define product success

Module 2: Define Your Product Roles

The Purpose

  • Discuss the roles involved in product decision making and roadmapping
  • Understand the structure and dynamics of your product management and delivery team
  • Review your delivery team’s current capacity

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Increase visibility and transparency by defining ownership and accountability of your product roadmap

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Strengthen your product capabilities.
  • Product management and delivery capability maps
2.2 Define your product roles and teams.
  • Product owner and manager responsibilities
2.3 Build your product delivery teams.
  • Product delivery team structure

Module 3: Build Your Transition Roadmap

The Purpose

  • Create an achievable roadmap that is aligned to organizational and product priorities and accommodates existing constraints

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Mature your product delivery practices in the areas where the most benefits can be seen

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Build your transition roadmap.
  • Product delivery transition roadmap

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