Stay on Top of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Mobile App Trends

It’s time to go beyond basic mobile apps and start offering innovative and valuable solutions.

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Not reviewing and enhancing your mobile applications to accommodate and implement today’s mobile trends may cause:

  • Your organization to fall behind your competition, losing your advantage in the mobile space.
  • Low end-user retention because the functionalities in the current mobile apps do not align to their expectations and needs.
  • Poor user experiences due to backend support and security measures not adequately supporting additional network traffic and enterprise service requests.

Adopting today’s mobile trends with strong mobile development competencies can help you:

  • Deliver new business value to your organization while minimizing the impacts to the current business operations.
  • Produce scalable and reliable mobile platforms and development processes that teams can confidently use with new functions and service offerings.
  • Ensure security compliance, and business and IT SLAs are consistently met.

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Module 1: Assess the Fit with Trending Mobile Capabilities

The Purpose

  • Gauge the importance and value of mobile to your organization.
  • Investigate the business opportunities with enabling today’s trending mobile technologies and use cases.
  • Understand the importance of strong mobile development competencies for future enhancements.
  • Select a pilot project to demonstrate business value to stakeholders.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Realization of the value of mobile within your organization.
  • Identification of mobile use cases and trends aligned to your business objectives and requirements.
  • Selection of a best-fitting pilot project.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Embrace mobile in your organization.
  • Evaluation of your current mobile portfolio.
1.2 See how mobile trends can benefit the business.
  • Mapping trending mobile functions to business objectives through use cases.
1.3 Enhance your mobile dev competencies.
  • High-level assessment of current mobile dev competencies.
1.4 Select your pilot.
  • Best-fitting mobile pilot project.

Module 2: Enable Mobile Trends with Strong Dev Competencies

The Purpose

  • Gauge mobile dev maturity and the readiness to begin implementation of mobile trends.
  • Review and optimize the current mobile stack, and mobile security, performance, and API dev competencies.
  • Tailor steps to implement mobile trends.
  • Obtain stakeholder approval to begin mobile enhancements.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Optimized mobile stack with mobile security, performance optimization, and API dev best practices.
  • Steps to begin the implementation and support of mobile trends.
  • Development of an action plan to gain stakeholder approval.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify your mobile dev issues and stack gaps.
  • Mobile dev maturity, current state analysis of mobile stack, and list of metrics to measure success of pilot.
2.2 Strengthen your mobile dev competencies to ease app modernization.
  • Security, performance, and API enhancements to current mobile stack.
2.3 Enable trending mobile capabilities in your applications.
  • Implementation roadmap of mobile trends.
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