Select and Implement a Web Experience Management Solution

Your website is your company’s face to the world: select a best-of-breed platform for ensuring you make a rock-star impression with your prospects and customers!


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Selecting and implementing a WEM platform without a plan can result in:

  • Misalignment with Marketing’s requirements.
  • A platform that frustrates prospective and current customers, leading to lost revenue.
  • Rework caused by improper deployment.
  • Wasted investment.
  • Poor adoption and high operational costs.

Upfront planning for WEM selection and deployment leads to:

  • A deployed, cost-effective platform that is in lockstep with the needs of Marketing and other stakeholder groups.
  • A platform that provides cutting edge capabilities for customer interaction.
  • High adoption rates and low maintenance costs.
  • A deployment that does not require overhauls every year.

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Module 1: Launch of the WEM Selection Project

The Purpose

  • Discuss the general project overview for the WEM selection.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Launch of your WEM selection project.
  • Development of your organization’s WEM requirements.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Facilitation of activities from the Launch the WEM Project and Collect Requirements phase, including project scoping and resource planning.
  • WEM Procurement Project Charter
1.2 Conduct overview of the WEM market landscape, trends, and vendors.
  • WEM Use-Case Fit Assessment
1.3 Conduct process mapping for selected marketing processes.
1.4 Interview business stakeholders.
1.5 Prioritize WEM functional requirements.

Module 2: Plan the Procurement and Implementation Process

The Purpose

  • Plan the procurement and the implementation of the WEM solution.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Selection of a WEM solution.
  • A plan for implementing the selected WEM solution.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Complete marketing process mapping with business stakeholders.
  • Vendor Shortlist
2.2 Interview IT staff and project team, identify technical requirements for the WEM suite, and document high-level solution requirements.
2.3 Perform a use-case scenario assessment, review use-case scenario results, identify use-case alignment, and review the WEM Vendor Landscape vendor profiles and performance.
  • Vendor Evaluations
2.4 Create a custom vendor shortlist and investigate additional vendors for exploration in the marketplace.
  • Selection of a WEM Solution
2.5 Meet with project manager to discuss results and action items.
  • WEM projected work break-down
  • Implementation plan
  • Framework for WEM deployment and CRM/Marketing Management Suite Integration
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