Select and Implement a Social Media Management Platform

Vendor Evaluation

Onsite Workshop

Upfront planning for social media management platform selection and deployment leads to:

  • A deployed, cost-effective platform that is in lockstep with the needs of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and other stakeholder groups.
  • A platform that provides cutting-edge capabilities for analytics, social customer care, and social campaign management.
  • High user adoption rates.
  • A deployment that does not require overhauls in the short term.

Upfront planning for social media management platform selection and deployment leads to:

  • Misalignment with Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service requirements.
  • Rework caused by improper deployment.
  • Wasted investment.

Module 1: Launch Your SMMP Selection Project

The Purpose

  • Discuss the general project overview for the SMMP selection.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Determine your organization’s readiness for SMMP.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify organizational fit for the technology.
  • Organizational maturity assessment
1.2 Evaluate social media opportunities within your organization.
1.3 Determine the best use-case scenario for your organization.
  • SMMP use-case fit assessment

Module 2: Plan Your Procurement and Implementation Process

The Purpose

  • Plan the procurement and implementation of the SMMP.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Select an SMMP.
  • Review implementation considerations.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review use-case scenario results, identify use-case alignment
  • Vendor shortlist
2.2 Review the SMMP Vendor Landscape vendor profiles and performance.
  • Vendor evaluations
2.3 Create a custom vendor shortlist and investigate additional vendors for exploration in the marketplace.
  • Selection of an SMMP
2.4 Meet with the project manager to discuss results and action items.
  • Framework for SMMP deployment and integration

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