Select and Implement a Marketing Management Suite

Turbocharge your company’s marketing capabilities with a marketing management suite.

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Without a properly selected and implemented Marketing Management Suite (MMS) there can be:

  • Fragmented campaign management and delivery.
  • Manual processes that are needed to maintain marketing processes (email, lead management, analytics, etc.).
  • A lack of analytics or improperly leveraged data.
  • A lack of advanced data visualization.

With a Marketing Management Suite that best fits your organizational use case, you can optimize:

  • Email marketing automation.
  • Marketing analytics.
  • Customer data segmentation.
  • Dynamic mobile marketing management.

Module 1: Launch Your MMS Selection Project

The Purpose

Understand the drivers that are motivating your own business’s MMS procurement to ensure that the automated processes and implemented tool provide returns in these specific areas.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Confirmation of your organization’s fit and preparedness for investing in marketing management technology.
  • Creation of a project plan for your MMS procurement project.
  • Successful identification of project resourcing requirements.
  • Creation of project oversight and approval for launching procurement project. 

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify the value of an investment in MMS technology.
  • Identification of the opportunities associated the investment of a dedicated MMS tool.
1.2 Identify the business and IT drivers behind your MMS procurement.
  • Confirmation of the business’s suitability for an MMS investment and how MMS relates to broader CRM/CEM.
1.3 Assess your organization’s readiness for a technology investment in a dedicated marketing management suite.
  • Determination if now is the right time to proceed with this project.
1.4 Create a project plan to support your evaluation and selection of a MMS solution.
  • A completed and approved project charter for your MMS selection project.
1.5 Select a procurement vehicle that will support your organization’s selection process.
  • The creation of a granular project plan that outlines the steps and resourcing relating to each stage of the project.
1.6 Determine the resourcing requirements associated with the project.
  • An appraisal of the oversight and stakeholder engagement requirements for the project, including the creation of a steering committee or a plan for working with the organization’s PMO or IT steering committee.
1.7 Identify project metrics.
1.8 Create project oversight.
  • Launch of your MMS selection project.

Module 2: Analyze MMS Requirements and Shortlist Vendors

The Purpose

  • Not everyone’s process needs are the same. These differences drive out different categories and niches within the MMS market space.
  • Leverage Info-Tech’s use-case scenarios to align your organization’s vendor selection with the appropriate market players.  

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Completion of high-level process mapping.
  • Identification of functional and technical requirements for your organization’s MMS solution.
  • Identification of your organization’s relevant use-case scenarios.
  • In-depth knowledge of vendors in the MMS market.
  • Creation of a custom vendor shortlist and vendor profiles and scoring.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify your business’s technical and functional requirements.
  • Completion of high-level mapping of the selected marketing process and any additional processes prioritized at this point.
  • Completed interviews with IT that generate the technical requirements regarding integration and implementation for the MMS tool.
  • Documentation of high-level functional and solution requirements for the MMS tool.
2.2 Align your business’s needs to Info-Tech’s use-case scenarios.
  • An appraisal of Info-Tech’s MMS use-case scenarios and identification of the use-case scenarios that apply to the business’s desired use of MMS technology.
2.3 Evaluate the results of Info-Tech’s MMS Vendor Landscape Analysis.
  • A completed review of the MMS Vendor Analysis, concentrating on the vendors who fit the organization’s use-case scenario results.
2.4 Focus your review of the use case performance results relevant to your organization.
2.5 Create a custom vendor shortlist.
  • Creation of a list of shortlisted vendors to submit RFPs and engage for further review.

Module 3: Select Your MMS Solution

The Purpose

Base your vendor evaluations not on the capabilities of the solutions but instead on how the solutions align with your organization’s process automation requirements and considerations. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Completion of a vendor evaluation of shortlisted vendors in the MMS market.
  • Selection of a MMS solution.
  • Successful completion of contract negotiation.
  • Approval of the vendor solution and contract by the project’s oversight.
  • Identification of functional and technical requirements.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create and submit an RFP to shortlisted vendors.
3.2 Evaluate vendor RFP responses.
3.3 Conduct vendor demonstrations.
3.4 Conduct an objective scoring of vendor demonstrations and solution capabilities.
  • The completion of an objective evaluation process that assessed the RFP responses and demonstrations provided by the vendors whose solutions were identified as a fit for the organization’s process automation needs.
3.5 Select an MMS solution.
3.6 Negotiate and finalize a contract.
  • The successful selection of a MMS suite and completion of a contract negotiation.
3.7 Submit your MMS solution and contract for approval.
  • Successful approval by the project’s oversight and procurement of the selected solution.

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