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Creating an effective marketing and customer experience strategy is the first step; translating it into action is the next. However, many organizations lack the technology to do so, which results in:

  • Wasting time, money, and effort on channels and campaigns that are not resonating with customer bases.
  • A lack of understanding by both IT and the business as to why MMS is essential to ensuring marketing initiatives are scalable and cost effective.

Finding the appropriate use-case fit for MMS has many benefits. It:

  • Ensures that the digital strategy is used, not read.
  • Improves business metrics – sales (revenue) and marketing (leads).
  • Captures actionable customer data/insights through “social listening” (analytics focus).
  • Leads to a better relationship between IT and the business, as IT is viewed as supporting initiatives rather than fighting fires.
  • Fosters better collaboration with other customer-facing departments (marketing, sales, etc.).

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Module 1: Launch the MMS Project and Collect Requirements

The Purpose

Determine a “right-size” approach to marketing enablement applications.

Key Benefits Achieved

Confirmation of the goals, objectives, and direction of the organization is marketing application strategy.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess the value and identify the organization’s fit for MMS technology.
1.2 Understand the art of the possible.
1.3 Understand CXM strategy and identify your fit for MMS technology.
1.4 Build procurement team and project customer experience management (CXM) strategy.
  • Project team list.
1.5 Identify your MMS requirements.
  • Preliminary requirements list.

Module 2: Shortlist Marketing Management Suites

The Purpose

Enumerate relevant marketing management suites and point solutions.

Key Benefits Achieved

List of marketing enablement applications based on requirements articulated in the preliminary requirements list strategy.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify relevant use cases.
2.2 Discuss the vendor landscape.
  • Vendor shortlist.

Module 3: Select Vendor and Communicate Decision to Stakeholders

The Purpose

Develop a rationale for selecting a specific MMS vendor.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • MMS Vendor decision.
  • A template to communicate the decision to executives.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create a procurement strategy.
3.2 Discuss the executive presentation.
  • Executive/stakeholder PowerPoint presentation.
3.3 Plan the procurement process.
  • Selection of an MMS.
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