Select and Implement a Human Resource Information System

Vendor Evaluation

Onsite Workshop

Selecting and implementing an HRIS without proper planning can result in:

  • Poor user adoption
  • Unmet requirements in the new system
  • Noncompliance with HR policies and regulations
  • Delays in project execution

Up-front planning for the HRIS selection and implementation leads to:

  • An HRIS that is aligned with the needs of HR and business stakeholders
  • High adoption rates
  • Properly scoped and identified requirements
  • Deployment of a system that does not require overhauls every year

Module 1: Launch the HRIS Project and Collect Requirements

The Purpose

  • Discuss the general project overview for the HRIS selection.
  • Assess your readiness for the project.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Elicit your HRIS requirements.
  • Launch your HRIS selection project.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Facilitation of activities from Phase 1, “Launch the HRIS Project and Collect Requirements,” including project scoping and resource planning.
  • HRIS Readiness Assessment Checklist
  • HRIS Procurement Project Charter
1.2 Conduct overview of the HRIS market landscape, trends, and vendors.
  • HRIS Use-Case Fit Assessment

Module 2: Plan the HRIS Procurement and Implementation

The Purpose

  • Plan the HRIS procurement and prepare for implementation.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Select an HRIS.
  • Build a plan for implementing the HRIS.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Interview IT and HR staff as well as the project team to identify technical requirements for the HRIS and document high-level requirements.
  • HRIS Requirements Package
2.2 Perform a use-case scenario assessment. Review use-case scenario results and identify use-case alignment.
2.3 Review the HRIS Vendor Landscape vendor profiles and performance.
  • HRIS Vendor Evaluation
2.4 Create a custom vendor shortlist. Investigate additional vendors in the marketplace.
2.5 Meet with project manager to discuss results and action items.
  • HRIS Implementation Plan

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