Select and Implement a Customer Service Management Solution

Hit a customer experience home run with a best-of-breed CSM.

Onsite Workshop

An unsuccessful CSM deployment drives dissatisfaction:

  • Lack of stakeholder buy-in.
  • Unrealistic expectations of how the CSM tool will perform.
  • Not conducting a custom review of vendors based on your specific business requirements and organizational considerations.
  • Improper change management that makes the tool’s integration into the live environment disruptive and riddled with incidents.

A successful CSM deployment drives satisfaction:

  • Decreased average total time to resolution, which means customers have their inquiries resolved faster and agents have their time freed up.
  • More effective access to customer-facing knowledge, allowing for better customer self-service.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing customers with the service channels that they want to use.
  • Ability to proactively serve customers, which addresses issues before they can become a problem.

Module 1: Launch Your CSM Selection Project

The Purpose

  • Scope the project and plan resourcing.
  • Conduct overview of the CSM market landscape, trends, and vendors.
  • Conduct process mapping for selected customer service processes.
  • Interview business stakeholders.
  • Prioritize CSM functional requirements.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An approved project charter.
  • Successful launch of the CSM selection project.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify the business drivers for investing in CSM technology.
  • Confirmation of your organization’s fit and preparedness for investing in customer service management technology
1.2 Review your organization’s maturity as it relates to customer service.
  • Current readiness and recommendations for initiatives
1.3 Plan how to avoid common project and organizational risks associated with this procurement project.
  • A risk management plan
  • Identification of project resourcing requirements
1.4 Create a project plan for your CSM selection project.
  • An approved project plan for your CSM procurement project

Module 2: Analyze CSM Requirements and Shortlist Vendors

The Purpose

  • Complete customer service process mapping with business stakeholders.
  • Interview IT staff and project team; identify technical requirements for the CSM suite.
  • Document high level solution requirements.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identification of your organization’s relevant use-case scenarios.
  • In-depth knowledge of vendors in the CSM market.
  • Shortlist of vendors.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Conduct high-level customer service process mapping.
  • Completion of high-level process mapping
2.2 Interview business stakeholders and IT staff; identify functional and technical requirements.
  • Identification of CSM functional and technical requirements
2.3 Leverage Info-Tech’s use-case scenarios.
  • Identification of the use-case scenarios that match your organization with the right vendor
2.4 Review the CSM vendor landscape, vendor use-case performance, and vendor profiles and analysis.
  • Creation of a custom vendor shortlist and vendor profiles and scoring

Module 3: Plan Your Procurement Process

The Purpose

  • Create your procurement strategy.
  • Discuss evaluation results.
  • Conduct a contract review.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Completion of a vendor evaluation of shortlisted vendors in the CSM market.
  • Selection of a CSM solution.
  • Successful completion of contract negotiation.
  • Approval of the vendor solution and contract by the project’s oversight. 

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create solution requirements and the request for proposal (RFP).
  • RFP to submit to vendors
3.2 Evaluate proposals from vendors.
  • Shortlist of interested vendors
3.3 Create demo script and conduct vendor demonstrations.
  • Vendor demo results
3.4 Select vendor and review contract.
  • Successful contract negotiation

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