Requirements Gathering for Small Enterprises

Right-size the guidelines of your requirements gathering process.

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Poor requirements are the number one reason that solutions fail to deliver.

  • Inaccurate understanding leads to inaccurate solutions.
  • Excessive process control limits speed to delivery.

Consistent, right-sized and scenario-appropriate requirements gathering processes allow you to give the business what it needs in an efficient manner.

  • Understand your common requirements scenario and how to align these to your process guidelines and requirements packages.
  • Find your balance between collaboration and control as well as communication and documentation.

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Module 1: Lay Your Foundations

The Purpose

Understand the goals, constraints, and different requirements scenarios your team faces.

Key Benefits Achieved

Initial process guidelines align to requirements scenarios.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define Goals and Metrics
  • Determine challenges with current state
  • Set your goals and metrics
1.2 Select Requirements Scenarios
1.3 Create Process Flow
  • Develop high-level process flow and guidelines
1.4 Add Collaboration, Communication, Control, and Documentation

Module 2: Build Your Elicitation Framework

The Purpose

Understand the techniques for planning and conducting requirements elicitation.

Key Benefits Achieved

Elicitation frameworks align to requirements scenarios.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review & Select Elicitation Techniques
  • Develop an elicitation framework with appropriate techniques and requirement models
2.2 Review & Select Requirements Models
  • Elicitation Techniques & requirement Model Guide
2.3 Create a Requirements Gathering Elicitation Plan for Your Project
  • Project Elicitation Schedule
2.4 Update Process Guidelines

Module 3: Elicit Requirements

The Purpose

Use an example project to test elicitation framework, techniques, and models.

Key Benefits Achieved

Experience with elicitation and modelling techniques.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Practice Using Interviews With Business Stakeholders to Build Use Case Models.
  • Gain experience with stakeholder interviews
3.2 Practice Using Table-Top Testing With Business Stakeholders to Build Use Case Models.
  • Produce use case models
3.3 Retrospective and Update Process Guidelines

Module 4: Analyze and Validate

The Purpose

Refine and prioritize requirements and create scenario-appropriate requirements packages.

Key Benefits Achieved

Refinement and prioritization techniques and requirement package guidelines.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Categorize and Consolidate Requirements
  • Refined requirements
4.2 Prioritize Requirements
  • Prioritized requirements
4.3 Define and Populate Requirements Package
  • Scenario-appropriate requirements packages
4.4 Finalize Requirement Gathering Playbook
  • Requirement Gathering Playbook
4.5 Develop Requirements Gathering Action Plan
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