Reduce Churn and Improve an Existing Software Development Practice

Focus on maximizing value when creating artifacts for the software development life cycle.

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Common symptoms of low artifact value are:

  • Increased churn because artifacts will not be reusable and maintainable across the development team
  • Project cost will not be optimized for lowest cost

Improving your existing software development practice will ensure:

  • The right technique will be used to create development artifacts
  • You will understand multiple techniques which will help across multiple projects

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Module 1: Assess Your Artifacts

The Purpose

  • Understand the common development pains organizations are facing.
  • Map artifacts to specific pain points in your current app dev process.
  • Assess your artifacts based on churn and risk.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identify and address the gaps in your existing app dev process.
  • Determine the appropriate action for each artifact.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Getting started
  • List of key stakeholders
1.2 Assess your current development process
  • Assessment of current app dev process
1.3 Determine the fate of your artifacts
  • List of artifacts to be archived, modified and automated

Module 2: Select the Techniques

The Purpose

  • Understand the processes and products of several design, development, testing and deployment techniques

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Select the best fitting technique
  • Conduct an impact analysis of a technique on your existing app dev process

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Select the design and development techniques
  • List of design and development techniques to rollout
2.2 Select the testing and deployment techniques
  • List of testing and deployment techniques to rollout

Module 3: Prepare and Execute Your Rollout

The Purpose

  • How to prioritize your rollout
  • The dev practice metrics to gauge success

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Prioritize your rollout with dependencies in mind
  • Build a communication plan with stakeholders

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Prepare your rollout
  • Technique rollout order of execution and project dependencies mapping
3.2 Communicate with stakeholders
  • List of dev practice metrics
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