Prototype With an Innovation Design Sprint

Test and develop innovative ideas in four-day sprints.

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Business and IT leaders agree that co-creation is necessary to drive innovation. However, most organizations face the following cultural barriers to cross-engagement and co-creation:

  • Process or product development silos.
  • No model and/or limited tools for idea sharing and collective learning.
  • Limited engagement with customers, stakeholders, and users of IT services.
  • Culture that incentivizes a “you versus me” mentality as opposed to an “us versus the problem” mentality.

Prototyping with an Info-Tech design sprint enables IT to:

  • Design, build, test, and refine prototypes to meet real business needs.
  • Learn how to conduct hands-on UX testing with real users.
  • Create an environment for co-creation between IT and the business.
  • Establish disciplined, goal-oriented thinking for IT-led transformation.
  • Sell the value of IT solutions to executives.

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Module 1: Understand and Ideate

The Purpose

Align the team around a well-defined business problem and start ideating solutions.

Key Benefits Achieved

Ideate solutions in the face of organizational cconstraints and characterize the success of the prototype.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Frame the problem.
  • Problem statement(s)
1.2 Develop evaluation criteria.
  • Evaluation criteria
1.3 Diverge and converge.
  • Ideated solutions

Module 2: Divide and Conquer

The Purpose

Break off into teams to try and develop solutions that address the problem in unique ways.

Key Benefits Achieved

Develop and test a first-iteration prototype.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Design first prototypes in teams.
  • First-iteration prototypes
2.2 Conduct UX testing.
  • User feedback and data

Module 3: Unite and Integrate

The Purpose

Bring the team back together to develop a team vision of the final prototype.

Key Benefits Achieved

Integrated, second-iteration prototype.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create and deliver prototype pitches.
  • Prototype practice pitches
3.2 Integrate prototypes.
  • Second-iteration prototype

Module 4: Build and Sell

The Purpose

Build and test the second prototype and prepare to sell it to business executives.

Key Benefits Achieved

Second-iteration prototype and a budget pitch.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Conduct second round of UX testing.
  • User feedback and data
4.2 Create one pager and budget pitch.
  • Prototype one pager and budget pitch
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