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Prepare for Your Tribal Nation’s IT Organizational Design

Identify context and develop foundational knowledge around IT organizational design.

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Tribal nations face common challenges around IT organizational design.

  • Common challenges that tribal nations face around IT organizational design include regulatory, environmental, economic, and political influences.
  • Too often, IT organizational placement and design is not a conscious decision but an operating environment that developed over periods of rapid growth and change.
  • IT organizations that are not well-placed or well-designed find it more difficult to achieve and sustain peak performance and reach maximum levels of maturity.

This workshop will walk you through strategic decision-making topics to explore and document before the IT placement and organization design process.

  • Identify and document rules, regulations, and compacts that influence the IT organization’s current state and differentiate between actual and perceived influencing forces.
  • Explore and document key areas of focus for IT organization placement and design within your unique tribal nation.
  • Analyze key areas of focus against the IT organization’s current state and gain an understanding of the implications for IT organization placement and design.

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Module 1: Understand Tribal Nation Context Around IT Organizational Design

The Purpose

  • To understand the tribal nation context around IT organizational design.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A heightened understanding of the business implications on IT organizational design.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Document influencing forces.
  • PESTLE analysis
1.2 Explore unique considerations.
  • SWOT analysis
1.3 Document tribal nation implications on IT.
  • Completed IT Implications Checklist
1.4 Complete stakeholder power map and draft authority matrix.
  • Completed stakeholder power map
  • Completed draft authority matrix

Module 2: Analyze and Communicate Tribal Nation IT Organizational Foundational Knowledge

The Purpose

  • Key areas of focus play a vital role in determining the potential value and impact of your tribal nation’s IT organizational design.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Define and document key areas of focus for your tribal nation’s IT placement and design.
  • Leverage these areas of focus in decision making and communicating to IT and throughout your tribal nation to strengthen your rationale for moving forward.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define key areas of focus.
  • Completed capabilities assessment
2.2 Understand the operating model context.
  • Completed pros and cons list
2.3 Finalize authority matrix.
  • Finalized authority matrix
2.4 Create communication plan.
  • Finalized communication plan
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