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Turn planning into action with a realistic PMO timeline.

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PMOs can’t do everything and be all things to all people. An ineffective PMO might see the following situations:

  • No visibility into projects.
  • The organization views the PMO as unnecessary overhead.
  • The PMO is not properly staffed to support the organization’s needs.
  • Project managers and staff aren’t providing information or following processes.
  • Leadership and sponsors are disengaged.

Define limits with a strong mandate and effective staffing. Make sure you have the skills and capacity to support required PMO functions. Follow this process to build an effective PMO:

  • Establish the purpose of your PMO.
  • Analyze the staffing requirements.
  • Create a roadmap or plan before implementing any new process.
  • Perform organizational change management to sustain beneficial business outcomes.

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Module 1: Define

The Purpose

  • Get a common understanding of your PMO options.
  • Determine where you are and engage leadership.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A clear vision for your PMO and an articulated reason for establishing it.
  • An understanding of you PMO goals and which challenges it sets to address.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 PPM Current State Scorecard
  • PPM Current State Scorecard Results
1.2 SWOT Analysis
  • SWOT Results
1.3 Current State and Leadership Engagement
  • PMO Role Development Tool
1.4 PMO Mandate and Vision
  • PMO Charter

Module 2: Staff

The Purpose

  • Identify organizational design.
  • Build job descriptions.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An analysis of staffing requirements of your PMO that aligns with your mandate from phase 1.
  • Job description aids to fill the necessary roles.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Right, Wrong, Missing, Confusing
  • Right, Wrong, Missing, Confusing Results
2.2 PMO Function, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Job Description Survey Tool
2.3 Job Descriptions
  • Job Description Templates

Module 3: Plan

The Purpose

  • Create a roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An actionable roadmap that can be presented to leadership and implemented.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Roadmap Hierarchy and Staffing and Sizing
  • PMO Roadmap Draft
3.2 Governance and Authority
  • Governance Authority

Module 4: Change

The Purpose

  • Set up governance and OCM.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An introduction to the concept of governance and tools for a change impact analysis.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Analyze the impact of the change across multiple dimensions and stakeholder groups.
  • Organizational Change Impact Analysis Tool
4.2 Gain sponsorship.
  • Sponsor Template
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