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Being Agile isn’t about processes, it’s about people.

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As you continue to grow your Agile practice and determining what is required to do so, there is potential for confusion including:

  • A lack of succinct literature and standards on what makes Agile teams successful. Either the literature is about platitudes or hyper-specific scenarios.
  • As Agile on a single team tends to focus on implementation specific concerns, people believe that a tactical approach to maturing your agile practice is the right way to go.
  • Without  team standards, individual Agile teams will define their own skill standards, thereby leading to disjoint approaches and inconsistent results.

Laying out a standard for Agile skills assessment will enable you to:

  • Focus on what is truly important to enable agile teams to be successful.
  • Acknowledge (and not ignore) differences between teams, and different parts of the organization.
  • Focusing on skills first leads to better tangible outcomes. (You are laying the right foundation!)

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Module 1: Define Agile Skills and Maturity Levels

The Purpose

  • Learn about and define the Agile skills that are important to your organization.
  • Define the different levels of attainment when it comes to your Agile skills.
  • Define the standards on a per-role basis.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Get a clear view of the Agile skills important into meet your Agile transformation goals in alignment with organizational objectives.
  • Set a clear standard for what it means to meet your organizational standards for Agile skills.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review and update the Agile skills relevant to your organization.
  • A list of Agile skills that are consistent with your Agile transformation
1.2 Define your Agile proficiency levels to evaluate attainment of each skill.
  • A list of proficiency levels to be used during your Agile skills assessment
1.3 Define your Agile team roles.
  • A confirmed list of roles that you wish to measure on your Agile teams
1.4 Define common experience levels for your Agile roles.
  • A list of experience levels common to Agile team roles (example: Junior, Intermediate, Senior)
1.5 Define the skill expectations for each Agile role.
  • Define the skill expectations for each Agile role
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