Optimize an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

Make sure IT is an enabler – not an impediment – to effective employee collaboration.

Onsite Workshop

Immature or non-existent collaboration strategy causes:

  • Employees to circumvent IT to procure their own tools
  • Wasted time dealing with collaboration requests on a case-by-case basis

An enterprise collaboration strategy leads to:

  • Equipping a knowledge-intensive organization with the right tools to collaborate
  • Increased employee ideation/innovation, knowledge sharing, and team productivity
  • Reduced duplication of effort and lost time hunting for information

Module 1: Lay the Foundation for Successful Collaboration

The Purpose

  • Understand how social collaboration (friend-of-a-friend networks) can enable superior team performance.
  • Receive an overview of the benefits of effective collaboration: hard cost reductions, increased team productivity, and improved knowledge sharing.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Assessed your current maturity and readiness for enterprise collaboration optimization across senior management, IT, and end users.
  • Created an effective strategy for enterprise collaboration by pattern matching repeatable employee-use patterns, rather than tools, to produce collaboration solutions that effectively blend social and traditional collaboration.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Make the Case for Enterprise Collaboration
  • Build a business case for enterprise collaboration
1.2 Review Major Trends in Enterprise Collaboration
  • Determine your organization’s readiness for collaboration
1.3 Assess Current State and Organization Readiness
1.4 Improve Organization Readiness

Module 2: Build a Plan for Collaboration to Ensure Adoption

The Purpose

  • Create a comprehensive enterprise collaboration strategy through the use of pattern matching.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Review the current collaboration product market to make sound upgrade and/or procurement decisions from the options of collaboration platform vendors. Pay particular attention to social workflow management and cloud file storage solutions.
  • Encourage a culture of collaboration across the organization to effectively implement collaboration solutions that resonate with end users, develop high uptake, and deliver concrete business value.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review Collaboration Pattern Matching Methodology and Examples
  • Strategy based on pattern matching
2.2 Identify Your Organization’s Collaboration Patterns
  • Defined collaboration investments
2.3 Develop Strategies for Adoption
  • Business plan for preparing your organization for deployment
2.4 Build an Enterprise Collaboration Business Plan

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