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Poorly implemented and governed SDLC practices can:

  • Diminish the quality and throughput of product and value delivery because of poor cross-functional collaboration.
  • Create friction between the business and IT because business priorities are not integrated with the SDLC strategy.
  • Increase maintenance costs because delivered products do not meet non-functional requirements and stakeholder expectations.

A global, collaborative, and value driven approach to SDLC optimizations and strategy can:

  • Ensure local optimization efforts do not negatively impact the entire delivery pipeline.
  • Recognize defects and issues early so that development churn is minimized.
  • Easily generate stakeholder and management buy in for SDLC optimization initiatives.

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Module 1: Set Your SDLC Context

The Purpose

  • Discuss your quality and product definitions and how quality is interpreted from both business and IT perspectives.
  • Review your case for strengthening your SDLC practice.
  • Review the current state of your roles, processes, and tools in your organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Grounded understanding of products and quality that is accepted across the organization.
  • Clear business and IT objectives and metrics that dictate your SDLC practice’s success.
  • Defined SDLC current state people, process, and technologies.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define your products and quality.
  • Product and quality definitions.
1.2 Define your SDLC objectives.
  • SDLC business and technical objectives and vision.
1.3 Measure your SDLC effectiveness.
  • SDLC metrics.
1.4 Define your current SDLC state.
  • SDLC capabilities, processes, roles and responsibilities, resourcing model, and tools and technologies.

Module 2: Diagnose Your SDLC

The Purpose

  • Discuss the components of your diagnostic framework.
  • Review the results of your SDLC diagnostic.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • SDLC diagnostic framework tied to your SDLC objectives and definitions.
  • Root causes to your SDLC issues and optimization opportunities.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Build your diagnostic framework.
  • SDLC diagnostic framework.
2.2 Diagnose your SDLC.
  • Root causes to SDLC issues and optimization opportunities.

Module 3: Modernize Your SDLC

The Purpose

  • Discuss the SDLC practices used in the industry.
  • Review the scope and achievability of your SDLC optimization initiatives.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Knowledge of good practices that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your SDLC.
  • Realistic and achievable SDLC optimization roadmap.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Learn and adopt SDLC good practices.
  • Optimization initiatives and target state SDLC practice.
3.2 Build your optimization roadmap.
  • SDLC optimization roadmap, risks and mitigations, and stakeholder communication flow.
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