Modernize the Network

Merely replacing yesterday’s equipment will not prepare your network to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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The current network is strained by rapidly growing business and IT demands.

  • The network is at the foundation of everything the business does, but it is not fully aligned to business needs.
  • Legacy network infrastructure is no longer suitable for modern use cases.
  • It is hard to find network solutions that provide the best business value in a constantly evolving network technology landscape.

Modernizing the network will help you provide the support that the business needs:

  • The network has the capacity to satisfy modern use cases, such as Internet of Things, public cloud, and the explosion of personal devices on the corporate network.
  • Software defined networking provides features needed to simplify the management of complex modern networks.
  • The network is aligned to current stakeholder needs, promoting long-term success of your organization and positioning IT as a business enabler.

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Module 1: Assess the Network

The Purpose

  • Understand current stakeholder and IT needs pertaining to the network.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Prioritized lists of stakeholder and IT needs.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess and prioritize stakeholder concerns.
1.2 Assess and prioritize design considerations.
1.3 Assess and prioritize use cases.
1.4 Assess and prioritize network infrastructure concerns.
1.5 Assess and prioritize care and control concerns.
  • Current State Register

Module 2: Analyze Emerging Technologies and Identify Features

The Purpose

  • Analyze emerging technologies to determine whether or not to include them in the network modernization.
  • Identify and shortlist networking features that will be part of the network modernization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An understanding of what emerging technologies are suitable for including in your network modernization.
  • A prioritized list of features, aligned with business needs, that your modernized network must or should have.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Analyze emerging technologies.
  • Emerging technology assessment
2.2 Identify features to support drivers, practices, and pain points.
  • Prioritize lists of modernized network features

Module 3: Plan for Future Capacity

The Purpose

  • Estimate future port, bandwidth, and latency requirements for all sites on the network.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Planning for capacity ensures the network is capable of delivering until the next refresh cycle and beyond.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Estimate port, bandwidth, and latency requirements.
3.2 Group sites according to capacity requirements.
3.3 Create standardized capacity plans for each group.
  • A summary of capacity requirements for each site in the network

Module 4: Communicate and Execute the Plan

The Purpose

  • Create a presentation to pitch the project to executives.
  • Compose key elements of RFP.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Communication to executives, summarizing the elements of the modernization project that business decision makers will want to know, in order to gain approval.
  • Communication to vendors detailing the network solution requirements so that proposed solutions are aligned to business and IT needs.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Build the executive presentation.
  • Executive Presentation
4.2 Compose the scope of work.
  • Request for Proposal/Quotation
4.3 Compose technical requirements.
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