Modernize Lottery Channels Through iLottery Selection

Leverage iLottery to modernize lottery channels, allowing your organization to reach more players and drive more revenue.

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Your state may have legalized iLottery, but there are barriers to implementing the system:

  • iLottery has a small footprint in the US, making its implementation a new and uncertain journey for lottery operators.
  • Selecting the right vendor to support your operations can be challenging, and making the wrong choice can have major long-term consequences.
  • Players, legislators, and retailers will have high expectations of an online lottery platform.
  • Changing consumer behaviors have accelerated the pace and timeline for lotteries to implement the system.

With the use of Info-Tech’sblueprint and tools, your organization will be able to develop an optimal iLottery vendor selection strategy:

  • Determine the health of your current operations and processes as the first step toward your iLottery implementation.
  • Examine potential risks and considerations when executing iLottery and identify manageable solutions to conquer these hurdles.
  • Select an iLottery vendor and strategy that will be well received by the organization and your players.

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Module 1: Assess the Current State

The Purpose

Identify, measure, and solve current inefficiencies before implementing an system.

Key Benefits Achieved

With a solid understanding of your current state, your lottery can modernize its operations before adding iLottery. Use these lessons learned to build requirements for your iLottery RFP.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Bring together your iLottery Working Group.
  • Formalized iLottery Working Group
1.2 Identify applicable regulations.
  • Applicable regulations documented
1.3 Gauge technical debt.
  • A list of technical debt and its impact
1.4 Measure technical debt.

Module 2: Assess the Current State (Cont'd.)

The Purpose

Identify, measure, and solve current inefficiencies before implementing an system.

Key Benefits Achieved

Gain an understanding of how your incumbent vendor’s performance stacks up against your expectations and use it to inform requirements for your iLottery RFP.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Evaluate your incumbent vendor’s performance.
  • Completed evaluation of incumbent vendor’s performance
2.2 Determine the outsourcing model for your iLottery system.
  • Chosen outsourcing service model

Module 3: Align With Key Stakeholders

The Purpose

Understand the roles your key stakeholders play in an iLottery program.

Key Benefits Achieved

Spend less time on requirements gathering and build RFP requirements that are related to stakeholder expectations and needs and that will drive the strategic direction of all lottery channels.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Assess your RFP’s security control requirements.
  • Necessary iLottery security controls documented
3.2 Generate iLottery journey maps.
3.3 Brainstorm your player experience requirements.
  • Necessary iLottery player requirements documented
3.4 Define the preferred sourcing model for your iLottery system.
  • Chosen sourcing model
3.5 Identify the target state of sourcing for your business capabilities.
  • Selected business model(s) for iLottery business capabilities

Module 4: Evaluate Vendors and Create RFP

The Purpose

Assess the iLottery vendor landscape and develop an RFP that will be issued to vendors.

Key Benefits Achieved

A systematic review of the vendors that operate in this space will allow you to create a shortlist of vendors your lottery is considering for its iLottery system and a customized RFP to issue to them. This approach will result in less time spent on RFP writing and vendor selection.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Finalize your iLottery requirements.
  • iLottery requirements package
4.2 Review the iLottery vendor landscape.
  • iLottery vendor shortlist
4.3 Develop an RFP to issue to vendors.
  • Customized iLottery RFP
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