Modernize Enterprise Storage

Current and emerging storage technologies are disrupting the status quo – prepare your infrastructure for the exponential rise in data and its storage requirements.

Onsite Workshop

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate:

  • Storage budgets are not growing with the pace of data growth.
  • Management of data is also growing in complexity, posing a problem.
  • Current storage infrastructure will not be a viable solution going forward.

Take advantage of new and emerging storage technologies:

  • Make it easier to deliver on business needs with innovative storage technologies.
  • Reduce management complexity by introducing software automation.
  • Develop data governance and policies to mitigate and take on data growth.
  • Align the direction of your storage modernization with current and future data and business needs.

Module 1: Identify Business Case and Assess Current State

The Purpose

  • Identify a business case and need for storage modernization by assessing current and future storage needs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A clear understanding of the business expectations and needs of storage infrastructure.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify current storage pain points.
  • Alignment of storage modernization with organizational pain points
1.2 Discuss storage modernization drivers.
  • Desired outcomes of storage modernization
1.3 Identify data growth drivers.
  • An understanding of growth impact across drivers
1.4 Determine relative growth burden.
  • An understanding of capacity and expansion needs

Module 2: Review Governance and Emerging Technologies

The Purpose

  • Review existing data governance.
  • Explore emerging technologies and trends in the storage space.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Review data governance objectives that must be met.
  • Identify a shortlist of storage technologies and trends that may be of interest.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Shortlist interest in storage technologies.
  • A starting point for research into new and emerging storage technologies
2.2 Prioritize shortlist of storage technologies.
  • Expressed interest in adopting storage technologies
2.3 Identify solutions that meet data and governance needs.
  • A list of storage solutions needed to deliver on future data and governance needs

Module 3: Identify Storage Needs and Develop Initiatives

The Purpose

  • Identify the people, process, and technology initiatives required to adopt new storage technologies.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Align your organizational people and process with new and disruptive technologies to best take advantage of what these new technologies have to offer.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Complete future storage structure planning tool.
  • A understanding of the future state of your storage infrastructure
3.2 Identify storage modernization technology initiatives.
  • Technology initiatives needed to adopt storage structure
3.3 Identify storage modernization people initiatives.
  • People initiatives needed to adopt storage structure
3.4 Identify storage modernization process initiatives.
  • Process initiatives needed to adopt storage structure

Module 4: Build a Roadmap and RFP, Calculate TCO

The Purpose

  • Develop an executive communications report.
  • Conduct a TCO analysis comparing on-premises and cloud storage solutions.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Communicate storage modernization goals and plans to stakeholders.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Prioritize storage modernization initiatives.
  • Alignment of people, process, and technology with storage adoption
4.2 Complete project timeline and build roadmap.
  • Communicate storage modernization goals and plans to stakeholders and executives
4.3 Compare TCO of on-premises and cloud storage solutions.
  • Compare cost of on-premises and cloud storage alternatives

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