Mobilize the Workforce by Mobilizing Your ERP

Mobility isn’t about shiny new toys; it’s about mobilizing your workforce.

Onsite Workshop

Not embracing mobile ERP will:

  • Prevent your organization from pursuing a comprehensive process optimization program
  • Decrease the expected the return of the ERP system as usage continues to fall or remain flat

A mobile ERP application will:

  • Decrease decision-making time for knowledge workers, therefore increasing the efficiency of processes that require approvals
  • Increase the IT asset utilization rate as user satisfaction and therefore, usage of the ERP application rises

Module 1: Assess the current state

The Purpose

  • To determine if your organization should pursue mobile ERP

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A go or no go decision regarding your organization’s need for mobile ERP

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Rank enterprise goals
  • A go or no go decision
1.2 External trend analysis
  • Business process mobility assessment
1.3 Business process assessment
  • Potential value by business process identified
1.4 Opportunity Assessment
  • Assessment of current mobile ERP inventory
1.5 Identification of current mobile capabilities

Module 2: Move forward with mobile ERP

The Purpose

  • Assess your organization’s mobile development maturity level

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A recommendation about how to pursue mobile ERP given your organization’s mobile development maturity level

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Assessment of design capabilities
  • Mobile development maturity assessment
2.2 Assessment of development capabilities
  • A recommended course of action to pursue mobile ERP
2.3 Assessment of testing capabilities
2.4 Assessment of maintenance capabilities

Module 3: Craft a business case

The Purpose

  • Build the business case for mobile ERP and sell it to senior management

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A heavily quantitative based business case
  • Tip for securing a senior management champion

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Mobile ERP benefit assessment
  • Business case deliverable completed
3.2 Mobile ERP cost assessment

Module 4: Determine ERP form and function

The Purpose

  • To gather mobile ERP requirements with use cases and design solution using end user workshops

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Provide a template to capture all mobile ERP use cases
  • Best practice workshop activities to gain end user feedback with limited effort and time commitment

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Use case development
  • Established use cases
4.2 Data assessment
  • Analysis of the data requirements for mobile ERP
4.3 Form factor analysis
  • Analysis of form factors to use when pursing mobile ERP
4.4 Platform analysis
  • Analysis of the platforms that can be used when developing mobile ERP
4.5 Application type recommendation
  • Analysis of what type of application should be build given certain process constraints
4.6 User interface design workshop activities
  • Workshop activities to speed up the UX design process

Module 5: Implement the project

The Purpose

  • Implement your mobile ERP project

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Best practice analysis for implementing the mobile ERP project
  • A populated project plan

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Understand how to manage an internal development process
  • A populated mobile ERP project plan
5.2 Develop a vendor management strategy
  • A thorough understanding of best practices for managing vendors
5.3 How to test your new mobile ERP application
  • High level overview of best practices from the Software Development Life Cycle framework
5.4 Maintaining your mobile ERP application
5.5 Develop a monitoring program to gauge the success of the application

Module 6: Roll out the app

The Purpose

  • Prepare for roll-out of your brand new mobile ERP application

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understand best practices for rolling out a mobile ERP application

Activities: Outputs:
6.1 Corporate app store analysis
  • A thorough understanding of best practices for app distribution, communication, and end user training
6.2 Communication best practices
  • Describe how to use the Process Based Documentation template
6.3 End user training best practices
6.4 Document the business processes

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