Mature and Scale Product Ownership

Strengthen the product owner role in your organization by focusing on core capabilities and proper alignment.

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Poor product management may deliver changes, but were they the best ones for the organization? Examples include:

  • Lack of alignment to enterprise goals and priorities.
  • Prioritization based on stakeholder influence, not ROI.
  • Lack of empowerment, delaying important decisions and creating decision vacuums.

Product value realization is dependent on the ability of the product owner to identify and manage enhancements aligned to enterprise goals:

  • Competent product owner who can support teams operating in any delivery methodology.
  • Representative viewpoint and input from the technical and operational product owner perspectives.
  • Products aligned to business needs and committed work.
  • Single point of contact with a business representative.
  • Acceptance of product owner role outside the Scrum teams.

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Module 1: Establish the foundation for product ownership

The Purpose

Establish the foundation for product ownership.

Key Benefits Achieved

Product owner playbook with role clarity and RACI.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define enablers and blockers of product management.
  • Enablers and blockers
1.2 Define your product management roles and names.
  • Role definitions.
1.3 Assess your product management readiness.
  • Product culture readiness
1.4 Identify your primary product owner perspective.
  • Product owner perspective mapping
1.5 Define your product owner RACI.
  • Product owner RACI

Module 2: Align product owners to products

The Purpose

Align product owners to products.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Assignment of resources to open products.
  • A stakeholder management strategy.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Assign resources to your products and families.
  • Product resource assignment
2.2 Visualize relationships to identify key influencers.
  • Stakeholder management strategy
2.3 Group stakeholders into categories.
  • Stakeholder management strategy
2.4 Prioritize your stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder management strategy

Module 3: Mature product owner capabilities

The Purpose

Mature product owner capabilities.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Assess your Agile product owner readiness
  • Assess and mature product owner capabilities

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Assess your real Agile skill proficiency.
  • Real Agile skill proficiency assessment
3.2 Assess your vison capability proficiency.
  • Info-Tech’s product owner capability model proficiency assessment
3.3 Assess your leadership capability proficiency.
  • Info-Tech’s product owner capability model proficiency assessment
3.4 Assess your PLM capability proficiency.
  • Info-Tech’s product owner capability model proficiency assessment
3.5 Assess your value realization capability proficiency.
  • Info-Tech’s product owner capability model proficiency assessment
3.6 Identify your business value drivers and sources of value.
  • Business value drivers and sources of value
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