Manage Stakeholder Relations

Make proper stakeholder management a habit.

Onsite Workshop

Lacking a formal, comprehensive Stakeholder Management process causes:

  • Missed or poorly managed stakeholders opposing your initiatives
  • Stakeholders who were once supporters to turn into detractors
  • Lack of adoption or buy-in for initiatives

A formalized Stakeholder Management process results in:

  • Complete list of all stakeholders who might be affected by your initiatives
  • Prioritized list of key stakeholders to focus on
  • Specific stakeholder management and communication tactics to effectively carry out your stakeholder management objectives
  • Objective metrics to track your stakeholder management progress and identify areas for continual improvement

Module 1: Identify stakeholders

The Purpose

  • Develop a complete list of all stakeholders.
  • Do not forget or miss any key stakeholders.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A complete list of stakeholders that reduces the number of surprise stakeholders who could derail your initiative.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Use a 360 degree view to identify initial stakeholders.
  • Identified initial stakeholders.
1.2 Identify stakeholders through business capability mapping.
  • Business capability mapping of stakeholders.
1.3 Identify stakeholders through business process mapping.
  • Business process mapping of stakeholders.
  • List of stakeholders.

Module 2: Analyze stakeholders

The Purpose

Prioritize key stakeholders.

Key Benefits Achieved

Know where to focus efforts.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Focus your efforts.
2.2 Take stakeholder PULSC.
  • Stakeholder map.
2.3 Determine stakeholder interest.
2.4 Assess stakeholder support.
2.5 Identify most important stakeholders.
  • Prioritized list of stakeholders.
2.6 Prioritize stakeholders.

Module 3: Manage stakeholders

The Purpose

Develop management and communication tactics with key stakeholders.

Key Benefits Achieved

Created a proactive way to interact effectively with stakeholders.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Define stakeholder management plan components.
  • Stakeholder Management Plan.
3.2 Select engagement tactics for each stakeholder type.
3.3 Determine stakeholder communication styles.
  • Communication Plan.
3.4 Use effective communications to build relationships.
3.5 Complete your stakeholder management plan.

Module 4: Monitor stakeholder management

The Purpose

Measure stakeholder management process success.

Key Benefits Achieved

Tracked your success to determine areas for continual improvement.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Monitor stakeholder management success.
4.2 Use NPS as a metric.
4.3 Weight your NPS.
  • Stakeholder Analysis Tool tab 8, WNPS.
4.4 Collect data effectively.
4.5 Keep a written record.

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