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Build agility into your governance to stay in pace with change.

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Governance that doesn’t fit your organization, or that has become misaligned, will derail your ability to be successful.

  • Decisions are made with poor information or in the wrong places.
  • Leadership is not acting in alignment with organizational needs and objectives or is modeling the right behavior.
  • There is a lack of transparency in why things are done.
  • IT finds itself unable to properly optimize IT spend and use of resources.
  • Governance constrains speed and the ability to provide customer value.

Adaptable governance ensures value creation and business success and shifts as your organizational context changes. It:

  • Aligns IT spend and initiatives to organizational needs.
  • Moves at the speed the organization requires.
  • Empowers and embeds decisions and activities.
  • Provides the right level of data and knowledge to be effective.
  • Accounts for risk and provides deep risk information.
  • Adjusts for new work practices and organizational requirement.
  • Adapts for your culture.
  • Ensures that the value of governance and its true role is understood.

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Module 1: Develop Your Guiding Star

The Purpose

  • Establish the context for your governance model.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Core understanding of the context that will enable us to build an optimal model

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Confirm mission, vision, and goals.
1.2 Define scope and principles.
  • Governance principles
1.3 Adjust for culture and finalize context.
  • Governance context and goals

Module 2: Define the Governance Model

The Purpose

  • To select and adapt a governance model based on your context.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A selected and optimized governance model

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Select and refine governance model.
  • IT governance model and adjustment triggers
2.2 Confirm and adjust the structure.
  • IT governance structure, responsibilities, membership, and cadence
2.3 Review and adapt governance responsibilities and activities.
  • Governance committee charters
2.4 Validate governance mandates and membership.

Module 3: Build Governance Process and Policy

The Purpose

  • Refine your governance practices and associate policies properly.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A completed governance model that can be implemented with clear update triggers and review timing
  • Policy alignment with the right levels of authority

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Update your governance process.
  • IT governance process and information flow
3.2 Align policies to mandate.
  • IT governance policies
3.3 Adjust and confirm your model.
  • Finalized governance model
3.4 Identify and document update triggers and embed into review cycle.

Module 4: Embed and Automate Governance

The Purpose

  • Identify options to automate and embed governance activities and decisions.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Simply more consistent governance activities and automate them to enhance speed and support governance delegation and empowerment

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Identify decisions and standards that can be automated. Develop decision logic.
  • Selected automation options, decision logic, and business rules
4.2 Plan verification and validation approach.
4.3 Build implementation plan.
  • Implementation and communication plan
4.4 Develop communication strategy and messaging.
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