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Without a structured approach to IT integration:

  • IT will be unaware of expected goals and vision for the integration.
  • IT may not be aware of expected business synergies and so may not capture them.
  • IT will be unaware of the data, applications, infrastructure, IT processes, and IT people being acquired and so may be unsure how to maximize their value.
  • IT will be forced to stick to the IT integration budget mandated by the M&A team during due diligence.
  • There will be lack of communication both internally and across organizations during discovery.
  • Unexpected risks could derail progress during the integration.
  • The integration roadmap may not be resourced, prioritized, or executed effectively.

A structured IT approach to IT integration ensures:

  • Clear understanding of the business goals, objectives, and expected synergies for the merger or acquisition.
  • An IT integration posture that aligns with business strategy for the M&A and enables the IT integration.
  • Risks will be documented and accounted for through assumptions in cost estimates.
  • IT generates a plan to communicate with appropriate stakeholders at critical integration milestones.
  • IT generates a structured integration roadmap that mitigates risks, builds credibility, and demonstrates IT competency.

Module 1: Launch the Project

The Purpose

  • Identification of staffing and skill set needed to manage the IT integration.
  • Generation of an integration communication plan to highlight communication schedule during major integration events.
  • Identification of business goals and objectives to select an IT Integration Posture that aligns with business strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Defined IT integration roles & responsibilities.
  • Structured communication plan for key IT integration milestones.
  • Creation of the IT Integration Program.
  • Generation of an IT Integration Posture.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define IT Integration Program responsibilities.
  • Define IT Integration Program responsibilities and goals
1.2 Build an integration communication plan.
  • Structured communication plan
1.3 Host interviews with senior management.
  • Customized interview guide for each major stakeholder
1.4 Select a technology end-state and IT integration posture.
  • Selected technology end-state and IT integration posture

Module 2: Conduct Discovery and Design the Technology End-State

The Purpose

  • Identification of information sources to begin conducting discovery.
  • Definition of scope of information that must be collected about target organization.
  • Definition of scope of information that must be collected about your own organization.
  • Refinement of the technology end-state for each IT domain of the new entity. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A collection of necessary information to design the technology end-state of each IT domain.
  • Adequate information to make accurate cost estimates.
  • A designed end-state for each IT domain.
  • A collection of necessary, available information to make accurate cost estimates. 

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define discovery scope.
  • Tone set for discovery
2.2 Review the data room and conduct onsite discovery.
  • Key information collected for each IT domain
2.3 Design the technology end-state for each IT domain.
  • Refined end-state for each IT domain
2.4 Select the integration strategy for each IT domain.
  • Refined integration strategy for each IT domain

Module 3: Initiate Tactical Initiatives and Develop an Integration Roadmap

The Purpose

  • Generation of tactical initiatives that are operationally imperative and will help build business credibility.
  • Prioritization and execution of tactical initiatives.
  • Confirmation of integration strategy for each IT domain and generation of initiatives to achieve technology end-states.
  • Prioritization and execution of integration roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Tactical initiatives generated and executed.
  • Confirmed integration posture for each IT domain.
  • Initiatives generated and executed upon to achieve the technology end-state of each IT domain. 

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Build quick-win and operational imperatives.
  • Tactical roadmap to fulfill short-term M&A objectives and synergies
3.2 Build a tactical action plan and execute.
  • Confirmed IT integration strategies
3.3 Build initiatives to close gaps and redundancies.
3.4 Finalize your roadmap and kick-start integration.
  • Finalized integration roadmap

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