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Lay the Strategic Foundations of Your Applications Team

Develop an applications strategy aligned with organizational expectations.

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A poorly developed applications strategy can lead to:

  • Applications teams that are disengaged with your drivers and will be blockers to your initiatives.
  • Stakeholders who have not bought into your proposed strategy, leading to their reluctance to fund your initiatives.
  • Lost of organizational creditability that can risk your tenure.

An application strategy tightly aligned with organizational expectations can:

  • Improve the relationship and communication between stakeholders and applications teams.
  • Build organizational buy-in for key strategic initiatives which can ease implementation.
  • Strengthen your credibility with your stakeholders and applications team.

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Module 1: Get to Know Your Team

The Purpose

  • Understand the expectations, structure, and dynamics of your applications team.
  • Review your team’s current capacity.
  • Gauge the team’s effectiveness to execute their operating model.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Clear understanding of the current responsibilities and accountabilities of your teams.
  • Identification of improvement opportunities based on your team’s performance.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define your team’s role and responsibilities.
  • Current team structure, RACI chart, and operating model
1.2 Understand your team’s application and project portfolios.
  • Application portfolios currently managed by applications team and projects currently committed to
1.3 Understand your team’s values and expectations.
  • List of current guiding principles and team expectations
1.4 Gauge your team’s ability to execute your operating model.
  • Team effectiveness of current operating model

Module 2: Get to Know Your Stakeholders

The Purpose

  • Understand the expectations of stakeholders.
  • Review the services stakeholders consume to support their applications.
  • Gauge stakeholder satisfaction of the services and applications your team provides and supports.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Grounded understanding of the drivers and motivators of stakeholders that teams should accommodate.
  • Identification of improvement opportunities that will increase the value your team delivers to stakeholders.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Understand your stakeholders and applications services.
  • Expectations stakeholders have on the applications team and the applications services they use
2.2 Define stakeholder expectations.
  • List of applications expectations
2.3 Gauge stakeholder satisfaction of applications services and portfolio.
  • Stakeholder satisfaction of current operating model

Module 3: Develop Your Applications Strategy

The Purpose

  • Align and consolidate a single set of applications expectations.
  • Develop key initiatives to alleviate current pain points and exploit existing opportunities to deliver new value.
  • Create an achievable roadmap that is aligned to organizational priorities and accommodate existing constraints.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Applications team and stakeholders are aligned on the core focus of the applications department.
  • Initiatives to address the high priority issues and opportunities.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Define your applications expectations.
  • List of applications expectations that accommodates the team and stakeholder needs
3.2 Investigate your diagnostic results.
  • Root causes to issues and opportunities revealed in team and stakeholder assessments
3.3 Envision your future state.
  • Future-state applications portfolio, operating model, supporting people, process, and technologies, and applications strategic model
3.4 Create a tactical plan to achieve your future state.
  • Roadmap that lays out initiatives to achieve the future state
3.5 Finalize your applications strategy.
  • Completed applications strategy
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