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Many customers experience frustrations and challenges when trying to implement a vendor management initiative.

  • No formal vendor management processes or framework
  • No vendor management templates or tools manage their vendor relationships
  • No objective way to determine the relative importance of their vendors
  • Inconsistent expectations internally for a vendor management initiative
  • The belief that a formal vendor management office is the only approach to vendor management

The blueprint will help the member plan, build, and run their vendor management initiative; in addition, it will help the vendor management initiative mature over time according to a sustainable timeline that aligns with the organization’s needs and resources.

  • A solid foundation for a vendor management initiative that matches the member’s situation
  • Tools and templates to help the member manage the relationships with key vendors more effectively
  • Allocation of vendor management resources based on each vendor’s importance to the member’s organization
  • A cyclical approach to building, maintaining, and growing a vendor management initiative that is right-sized for the member

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Module 1: Plan

The Purpose

Getting Organized

Key Benefits Achieved

Defined Roles and Goals for the VMI

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Mission Statement and Goals
  • Completed Mission Statement and Goals
1.2 Scope
  • List of Items In Scope and Out of Scope for the VMI
1.3 Strengths and Obstacles
  • List of Strengths and Obstacles for the VMI
1.4 Roles and Responsibilities – OIC Chart
  • Completed OIC Chart
1.5 Process Mapping
  • Sample Process Map for One Process
1.6 Vendor Inventory Tool (Overview)
  • Begun Using Vendor Inventory Tool

Module 2: Plan/Build/Run

The Purpose

Build VMI Tools and Templates

Key Benefits Achieved

Configured Tools and Templates for the VMI Based on Its Roles and Goals

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Maturity Assessment
  • Completed Maturity Assessment.
2.2 Structure and Job Descriptions
  • Sample Job Descriptions and Phrases.
2.3 Attributes of a Valuable Vendor
  • List of Attributes of a Valuable Vendor.
2.4 Classification Model
  • Configured Classification Model.
2.5 Risk Assessment Tool
  • Configured Risk Assessment Tool.
2.6 Scorecards and Feedback
  • Configured Scorecard and Feedback Questions.
2.7 Business Alignment Meeting Agenda
  • Configured Business Alignment Meeting Agenda.

Module 3: Build/Run

The Purpose

Continue Building VMI Tools and Templates

Key Benefits Achieved

Configured Tools and Templates for the VMI Based on Its Roles and Goals

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Relationship Alignment Document
  • Relationship Alignment Document Sample and Checklist
3.2 Vendor Orientation
  • Vendor Orientation Checklist
3.3 Policies and Procedures
  • Policies and Procedures Checklist
3.4 3-Year Roadmap
  • Completed 3-Year Roadmap
3.5 90-Day Plan
  • Completed 90-Day Plan
3.6 Quick Wins
  • List of Quick Wins
3.7 Reports
  • List of Reports
3.8 Kickoff Meeting

Module 4: Review

The Purpose

Review the Past 12 Months of VMI Operations and Improve

Key Benefits Achieved

Keeping the VMI Aligned With the Organization’s Goals and Ensuring the VMI Is Leveraging Leading Practices

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Develop/Improve Vendor Relationships.
4.2 Assess Compliance.
4.3 Incorporate Leading Practices.
4.4 Leverage Lessons Learned.
4.5 Maintain Internal Alignment.
4.6 Update Governances.
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