The First 100 Days As CIO

Your first three months on the job are the ultimate predictor of your long-term success. Understand what to prioritize when everything is a priority.

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Without a 100-day plan in place, the CIO may:

  • Lack a clear path forward in establishing themselves as a leader.
  • Fail to impress key business stakeholders, impacting their willingness to buy in to the new leader’s vision.
  • Fall into the trap of analysis paralysis, where competing streams of information overwhelm and prevent any meaningful progress or actions being taken.

Early preparation and a well-crafted 100-day plan will:

  • Demonstrate your preparedness for a role in the C-suite and your capability as a leader.
  • Understand the needs and challenges of your key stakeholders.
  • Identify early wins that will help build trust in your ability to get things done.
  • Advance your strategic value within the organization.

Module 1: Develop a Leadership Mandate and Value Statements

The Purpose

  • Distill your stakeholder expectations and desired target state into a vision and set of values that the business can expect from IT.
  • Prerequisite: Requires completed stakeholder analysis and clearly defined expectations/KPIs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Communicate a compelling vision of what the future state of IT will look like.
  • Identify a set of values for the IT organization that will define a set of behaviors the business can expect.
  • Socialize your future direction with the larger organization to gain buy-in and feedback.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review communicated expectations as CIO.
1.2 Review organizational priorities and in-flight commitments.
1.3 Craft vision and value statements that align with your mandate as CIO.
  • Leadership vision
  • Organizational value statements

Module 2: Early Win Identification

The Purpose

  • Identify potential quick wins that will align with your expectations as a CIO, have high visibility, and help you gain your key stakeholders's trust in your ability to deliver.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Map out your key initiatives based off your stakeholder interviews and assessments.
  • Analyze the initiatives based on visibility, effort, and risk to determine which early wins to schedule in your first 100 days.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Map your initiatives to determine their ratio of effort to impact.
  • IT initiative matrix
2.2 Further map your quick wins in terms of organizational visibility and risk of failure.
  • Visibility and risk analysis
2.3 Finalize selection of your early win initiatives.
  • Finalized early win initiatives

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