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Your organization is not implementing key initiatives or projects due to a lack of funding:

  • The services and programs your organization provides cannot be started, enhanced, or continued due to a lack of funds.
  • Grant applications are not submitted because the various departments and divisions of the organization are unable to identify funding opportunities that align with organizational priorities.
  • Those who are tasked with writing grant applications do so in an ad hoc manner and in conjunction with the duties and responsibilities of their regular job(s). As a result, grant writing is not given the priority it needs.

By using Info-Tech's grant writing blueprint, tools, and templates, your organization will be able to increase its chances of obtaining grant funds:

  • Your working group will collaborate closely to identify and prioritize grant funding opportunities that align with your organization's priorities.
  • Those tasked with writing grant applications will follow best practices, including actively obtaining feedback to enhance the quality of the applications.
  • Even if a grant application is unsuccessful, the organization will solicit feedback on how to enhance and improve future grant applications.

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Module 1: Determine Your Organization's Priorities

The Purpose

Determine the key priorities of your organization and identify grant funding opportunities that align with those priorities.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Prevents duplicate grant applications from being submitted
  • Ensures the grant and the organization's priorities are aligned
  • Increases the success rate of grant applications

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Discuss grant funding opportunities and their importance to the organization.
  • An understanding of why grants are important to your organization
1.2 Identify organizational priorities.
  • A list of priorities being pursued by your organization

Module 2: Prioritize Grant Funding Opportunities

The Purpose

Identify potential grant funding opportunities that align with the projects/initiatives the organization would like to pursue. Prioritize these funding opportunities and identify which should take precedent based on resourcing, importance, likelihood of success, and feasibility.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Generate a list of potential funding opportunities that can be revisited when resources allow
  • Obtain consensus from your working group on which grants should be pursued based on how they have been prioritized

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Develop a list of potential grant funding opportunities.
  • A list of potential grant funding opportunities
2.2 Define the resource capacity your organization has to support the granting writing process.
  • Realistic expectations of your organization's capacity to undertake the grant writing lifecycle
2.3 Discuss and prioritize grant opportunities
  • Notes and priorities from your discussion on grant opportunities

Module 3: Sketch a Grant Application

The Purpose

Take the grant that was given top priority in the last section and sketch out a draft of what that application will look like. Think critically about the sketch and determine if there are opportunities to further clarify and demonstrate the goals of the grant application.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A sketch ready to be developed into a grant application
  • A critique of the sketch to ensure that the application will be well understood by the reviewers of your submission

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Sketch the grant application.
  • A sketched version of the grant application ready to be drafted
3.2 Perform a SWOT analysis of the grant sketch.
  • A SWOT analysis that critically examines the sketch and offers opportunities to enhance the application

Module 4: Prepare to Submit the Grant Application

The Purpose

Have the grant application actively critiqued by various internal and external individuals. This will increase the grant application's quality and generate understanding of the application submission and post-submission process.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A list of individuals (internal and external) that can potentially review the application prior to submission
  • Preparation for the submission process
  • An understanding of why the opportunity to learn how to improve future grant applications is so important

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Identify potential individuals who will review the draft of your grant application.
  • A list of potential individuals who can be asked to review and critique the grant application
4.2 Discuss next steps around the grant submission.
  • An understanding of what the next steps in the process will be
4.3 Review grant writing best practices.
  • Knowledge of grant writing best practices
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