Implement Your Negotiation Strategy More Effectively

Better implementation leads to better outcomes.


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Negotiating with vendors can be difficult:

  • Negotiation preparations, plans, and strategies can be undone during negotiations.
  • Vendors may have dedicated negotiation teams or teams with more experience.
  • Success is often measured in a binary fashion only – did we sign the agreement or not?

Negotiation skills and outcomes can be improved:

  • Costs and risk can be reduced.
  • More negotiation objectives can be achieved.
  • The degree of success can be quantified.
  • Vendor relationships can be enhanced.

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Module 1: 12 Steps to Better Negotiation Preparation

The Purpose

  • Improve negotiation skills and outcomes.
  • Understand how to use the Info-Tech During Negotiations Tool.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A better understanding of the subtleties of the negotiation process and an identification of where the negotiation strategy can go awry.
  • The During Negotiation Tool will be reviewed and configured for the customer’s environment (as applicable).

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Manage six key items during the negotiation process.
  • Sample negotiation ground rules
1.2 Set the right tone and environment for the negotiation.
1.3 Focus on improving three categories of intangibles.
1.4 Improve communication skills to improve negotiation skills.
1.5 Customize your negotiation approach to interact with different personality traits and styles.
1.6 Maximize the value of your discussions by focusing on seven components.
1.7 Understand the value of impasses and deadlocks and how to work through them.
1.8 Use concessions as part of your negotiation strategy.
1.9 Identify and defeat common vendor negotiation ploys.
  • Sample vendor negotiation ploys
1.10 Review progress and determine next steps.
  • Sample discussion questions and evaluation matrix
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