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Implement Crisis Management Best Practices

Don’t be another example of what not to do. Implement an effective crisis response plan to minimize the impact on business continuity, reputation, and profitability.

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Ineffective crisis management leads to:

  • Costly delays in business continuity and disaster recovery plan execution.
  • Prolonged and more severe impact on reputation.
  • A significant decrease in revenue and shareholder value.

Effective crisis management, as outlined in this blueprint, enables you to:

  • Minimize the impact of a crisis on business continuity, reputation, and shareholder value.
  • Respond quickly and appropriately to a wide range of crises.
  • Ensure effective communication during a crisis.

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Module 1: Identify Potential Crises and Your Crisis Management Team

The Purpose

  • Identify and prioritize relevant potential crises.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Enable crisis management pre-planning and identify gaps in current crisis management plans.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify high-risk crises.
  • List of high-risk crises.
1.2 Assign roles and responsibilities on the crisis management team.
  • CMT membership and responsibilities.
1.3 Review Info-Tech’s crisis management framework.
  • Adopt the crisis management framework and identify current strengths and gaps.

Module 2: Document Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans

The Purpose

  • Outline emergency response and crisis response plans.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Develop and document procedures that enable rapid, effective, and reliable crisis and emergency response.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Develop crisis notification and assessment procedures.
  • Documented notification and assessment workflows.
2.2 Document your emergency response plans.
  • Emergency response plans and checklists.
2.3 Document crisis response plans for potential high-risk crises.
  • Documented crisis response workflows.

Module 3: Document Crisis Communication Guidelines

The Purpose

  • Define crisis communication guidelines aligned with an actionable crisis communications framework.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Document workflows and guidelines support crisis communications.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Establish the elements of baseline crisis communications.
  • Baseline communications guidelines.
3.2 Identify audiences for the crisis message.
3.3 Modify baseline communication guidelines based on audience and organizational responsibility.
  • Situational modifications to crisis communications guidelines.
3.4 Create a vetting process.
  • Documented vetting process.
3.5 Identify communications channels.
  • Documented communications channels

Module 4: Complete and Maintain Your Crisis Management Plan

The Purpose

  • Summarize the crisis management plan, establish an organizational learning process, and identify potential training and awareness activities.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Plan ahead to keep your crisis management practice evergreen.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Review the CMP Summary Template.
4.2 Create a project roadmap to close gaps in the crisis management plan.
  • Long-term roadmap to improve crisis management capabilities.
4.3 Outline an organizational learning process.
  • Crisis management plan maintenance process and awareness program.
4.4 Schedule plan reviews, testing, and updates.
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