Identify and Reduce Agile Contract Risk

Discover the differences between Agile and non-Agile contracts and how to protect yourself.

Onsite Workshop

Failure to understand the differences between Agile contract provisions and traditional or waterfall contract provisions subjects a reviewer/negotiator to:

  • Unnecessary or surprise payment obligations.
  • An inability to terminate the contract when appropriate.
  • A lack of a meeting of the minds.
  • Focusing on the wrong issues when negotiating.

Understanding what provisions to focus on for an Agile contract allows for:

  • Better flexibility for the customer.
  • Increased awareness of potential risks.
  • Avoiding contracts full of Agile buzzwords without employing actual Agile principles.
  • Creating an Agile work environment for the project.

Module 1: Identify and Evaluate Options

The Purpose

To understand Agile-specific contract clauses, to improve risk identification, and to be more effective at negotiating Agile contract terms.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Increased awareness of how Agile contract provisions are different from traditional or waterfall contracts in 12 key areas.
  • Understanding available options.
  • Understanding the impact of being too prescriptive.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review the Agile Contract Playbook-Checklist.
  • Configured Playbook-Checklist as applicable
1.2 Review 12 contract provisions and reinforce key learnings with exercises.
  • Exercise results and debrief

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